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About Me

I am a contradiction. I'm anti-social, but I can't stand being alone for more than a few hours. I love making jokes but I want people to see my serious side, too. I love sleeping but I'm an insomniac. I like my stuff to be organized, but I'm too lazy to organize them myself. I can tick you off, cheer you up and make you laugh. I can push you down, I can dust you off. Like everyone, I'm not perfect. But, I won't change for anyone who won't change for me. No one should :)

I'd like to meet

Anyone whose nice, independent and will put up with me. And smart.


Drawing and reading. Does surfing the web and watching TV count as an activity? I guess it does. So anyways, I might be up to play sports, though I won't win. I mean I guess I will but I'm not self-confident with stuff like that. So, like I said, ask me if you wanna know.


I am OBSESSED with drawing, and I'm a TV-aholic. I hate anything that is inappropriate (you know what I mean), I'm very strict with stuff like that. I like comics a lot (not DC, I HATE DC!!!) and mythology. I love reading, and like I said, drawing. School is first for me. I'm not very good at sports, but that doesn't mean I'm not fit. Oh, and I'm lazy. Really lazy, but somehow responsible. Strange how that turns out. So like I'm lazy. I'm not gonna keep writing about myself when you can simply ask.

Favorite Music

I guess, pop, rock, pop-rock, religious (no, not like monks and stuff. More like Barlow Girl and Casting Crowns), country, etc. Nothing that involves intimation. Ugh!

Favorite TV Shows

Anything funny but age appropriated. Only exception may be World's Dumbest. I like some tv show that are based on comics, as long as their not DC. And anything funny, again.

Favorite Movies

Basically, the same as above.

Favorite Books

Everything written by Rick Riordan. I like Secret Series, not in plural, as in detective books, I mean the SERIES Secret Series. And mostly anything readable.

Favorite Quotes

"Stick and stones may hurt my bones, but words won't."
"Wisdom begins with wonder."
"A wise person will lead the way, but if they are also good, they will accompany you."
"I know you are but what am I?"
"I won't change for someone who won't change for me."
"Google it."

Favorite Heroes

Marvel heroes. EXCEPT Cyclops. And Joan of Arc.


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