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Pagan and proud of it. I like to make it a point to show the world that no matter what people say about us, we are still going to be here. I am making a statement for all of us on this planets that we are here to stay. Just like those that are Christian, Catholic, Buddist, Confusionistic, Satanic and what other ones are out there. We are here to have a voice too, and we are demanding our respect for the rights of religious freedoms. No more bullshit, just let us be, like we do for you.

I'd like to meet

I would like to meet people that see me as an individual; with individual needs, desires, faith(s). Not judging me for the person on the outside, but making an attempt to making good friends with someone that loves to live life. I seek balance in life, not chaos in tragedy and mercilessness.


Drawing, Listening to music, Reading books, making people laugh and just being the good person I can be; nothing more and nothing less.


I like movies, reading, exploring the wilderness, fishing, playing video games and making my wife happy. I love doing graphic design, and hope one day to make good money in it and get out of being disabled. I like reading Tarot cards, doing spells, helping people feel better and healthy. I really enjoy hanging out with people that really understand me for the way that I am as a person and not what I can give to them.

Favorite Music

Godsmack, Metallica, The Fray, Linkin Park, Incubus, Ozzy, Enya, Celtic Women, Riverdance, Irish folk music and much much more.

Favorite TV Shows

Dog Whisperer, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Hunters, TAPS, Animal Planet, Animal Rescue.

Favorite Movies

Thor, Matrix, X-Men, Season of the Witch, Skyline, Zookeeper, Little Fockers, How to train your dragon, Practical Magic, Tron, Underworld, Warlock(trilogy), Harry Potter(all of them).

Favorite Books

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Merlin, King Arthur, Eragon, You are psychic.

Favorite Quotes

"Something done right is never done easily!", "Suck it up and drive on!", "Whatever doesn't kill ya, only makes you stronger."

Favorite Heroes

Thor, Merlin and Arthur. I think up more as I go on.


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    The more we make a stand at this point; the better we are. The more information we give to the world about us will make people understand us for who we are not the abomination that people think us to be. Don't make us hate, for it is not our way to hate. We only help and make a true faith effort to find peace in the earth and everything around it. Blessed be, and merry meet.
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