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..You must have a million better things to do ..........

Favorite Music

.Delta blues & Ry Cooder, Paco de Lucia. Memphis Minnie, ....blues i guess, and the vibrant Flamenco.

Favorite TV Shows

Don't do TV.

Favorite Books

Crime fiction.

Favorite Quotes

"England and America are two countries seperated by a common language", G B Shaw "" Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do. Voltaire. " If all the economists were laid end to end, they would reach a conclusion," G B Shaw, "Morality, like art means drawing a line somewhere", Oscar Wilde.

Favorite Heroes

My parents, RIP. The few people in life i have had respect for, they earned it. Vida Viva, Viva de Amor, live life, love life.


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  • blindfaith 13 hours ago
    havanese dog Have a great weekend Lunacat :)
  • Lunacat 16 hours ago
  • lady blue 1 day ago
    lady blue
    Thanks blindfaith, I dread drama and I'll have no part of it. No one is worth me getting upset here. I'm glad you will take my advice. Oh, it was you who dropped the two friends then.
    Not sure I know who they are but I have a good idea as I know who the drama queens are here. Ugh...take it from where it's coming from and move on. I agree, if people are so angry and malicious then you don't need them nor do I. I'm glad you prefer positive people like myself. Ditto. I will PM you soon. Thanks mate, I wish you a happy weekend too! Thursday is good. Hope yours is too! You're welcome, my pleasure! :)

    positive people ditto pm mate happy weekend thursday hope pleasure
  • lady blue 1 day ago
    lady blue
    You don't sound too happy my friend. I don't think we've seen the end of the ridiculous discord here. Anyone who drops you as a friend was never a friend at all. Don't let other people's behavior spoil your joy. They're not worth it. You know who your true friends are here. Avoid the drama and keep out of it is the best choice. That's what I do. :)

    peoples behavior spoil joy worth true friends avoid drama choice
  • MO.gal 2 days ago
  • lady blue 2 days ago (edited)
    lady blue
    Well, like you I try. LOL... Thanks mate. Yes for sure this site needs more love and less hate, more peace and less discord! I stand clear of that mire and don't let anyone drag me into it. Word of advice from SH. Your polls lighten up the negativity tremendously! Thanks for the sweet graphic. :)

    clear mire drag advice sh polls lighten negativity sweet graphic clear mire drag advice sh polls lighten negativity sweet graphic
  • Lunacat 2 days ago
    Hope you and Luke are having a good day :)

    silly cat tumblr gifs
  • lady blue 2 days ago
    lady blue
    You don't have to try. You do a fine job being a great friend to me and so many here.
    Thanks again mate!
  • lady blue 3 days ago
    lady blue
    Why thank you blindfaith, I really appreciate that! You are a great friend! :)

    blindfaith friend
  • Lunacat 3 days ago
  • Lunacat 3 days ago
    Sounds good but I don't think that Simon would be a good judge, he's a little harsh :)
  • Lunacat 3 days ago
    Hmmm.....no clever ideas here. I have enough trouble teaching Parker the regular stuff like sit, stay, etc....lol
  • Lunacat 3 days ago
    Hahaha! That was great!
  • Lunacat 3 days ago
    Awww....I can picture the sad expression. Parker does this thing my husband calls a "stink eye." It's so funny! I can picture you out there with Luke busking. I read about the Street Cat Named Bob, that was such a great story about James & Bob busking.
  • lady blue 4 days ago
    lady blue
    Hi blindfaith, thanks, Monday was good. I hope you had a good Monday too. Yummy, thanks for the lunch and it's never too late for you my friend! lol :)

    blindfaith monday hope monday yummy lunch late friend lol
  • Lunacat 4 days ago
    Parker sleeps on my pillow right on top of my head. He's a pillow hog...lol. That is so cute that Luke likes to sing :)
  • Veritas-Gen-2 4 days ago
    Thanks for being you! Enjoy your week . . .
    dock on the bay
  • Lunacat 4 days ago
    Parker goes nuts anytime someone comes to the door. He's been known to start barking if he hears a doorbell from the t.v. We get him groomed about every 12 weeks as well. We let it go a little too long this last time, but it was so cold. He just had his latest trip to the groomer two weeks ago. He hates that too but he's always good for them.
  • Lunacat 4 days ago
    Parker hates the rain, loves the snow. We have a pretty big back yard so I don't always take him for a walk. I suppose Parker is polite, except when he's sitting at the door watching other dogs or people walk down the street, then he sounds like an attack dog...lol.
  • Lunacat 4 days ago
    I guess your Monday is almost done :)

    Did you and Luke have a nice walk today?
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