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I don't care what you do or say, as long as you don't try to hurt my country, my family or my friends.
If you catch me making a mistake, or giving the wrong information, I will thank you for the correction.

I believe in self-reliance.
A human is not an adult until they can take care of his-or-herself, without help.
The cause of every problem one has, and the solution, is oneself.
If that makes me a right wing person, then so be it.

My comments against liberals do not apply to all liberals.
But if they make you angry, they cetainly apply to you.

And I really am interested in why people think the way they think.

If I block you, it doesn't mean I'm afraid of you any more than changing the channel means I'm afraid of the TV.
What it does mean is I have no use for you, or you're insane, or most likely, boring.

I'd like to meet

Our founding fathers.


Ex-military, and I thought I retired.
I am a professional musician.
I run a music charity.


Finding out why people think the way they think.
Helping disadvantaged youth discover performing music.

Favorite Music

Too much to list!

Favorite TV Shows

Phineas and Ferb
The Mentalist
Falling Skies
Adventure Time

Favorite Movies

The Princess Bride
Ice Age

Favorite Books

Too many to list.

Favorite Quotes

Only the weak are cruel, as it takes true strength to be gentle.

Every time a liberal blocks me, an angel gets his wings.

Favorite Heroes

My Dad
Anyone who has died for this country, and anyone who lives for her values


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