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I'm a centerist and a realist. this means If you are a RWNJ I probably seem like a LWNJ and if you are a LWNJ I probably seem like a RWNJ.

I make no apologies for where I stand on issues

republicans vs democrats. Don't matter they are all crooks.

Gay rights. I'm not gay so it makes no difference to me as long as they leave me out of it.

Guns. love'em, I wouldn't be alive with out them.

Global warming, not sold on it, but I do hate pollution and love fresh air, clear skies, and clean water

Abortion, don't end one life unless it saves another. If it has a heartbeat it's alive and stopping that heartbeat is killing it.

obamas birth certificate. listen, I hate the guy, but the birth certificate claim is retarded on so many levels I cant help but laugh at these people.

The debt. Spending your way out of debt is like having sex to pay for condoms.

immigration. do it legally and I wish you luck in your new home, do it illegal and you deserve the same thing others get for sneaking into your country.

medical pot/ pot in general, I don't use it, but I dont think there is anything wrong with those who do. The beer i drink is probably worse anyway.

Death sentence. firmly against it, juries make mistakes. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

I'd like to meet

Carroll Shelby (sadly this will now never happen, RIP 10 May 2012)


Traveling, Cars


Cars, Government, Guns, Learning new things, Beers and Wines, History, Racing in any form, Exotic foods, and many many more.

Favorite Music

Classic Rock

Favorite TV Shows

Don't watch TV

Edit: just finished watching "game of thrones" on blu-ray, not quite the same as watching TV but I'm hooked.

Favorite Movies

Super Troopers

Favorite Books


Favorite Quotes

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" - B.F.

Favorite Heroes

Samuel Whittemore. no matter how badass you think your hero is, they all pale in comparison to this man. Dont believe me? go ahead, look him up...


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  • evangelism_vision 2013/11/19 18:45:07

    May the Love of Christ fill your home as we gather together around the family table Thanking the Lord for the many Blessings he has given us.

    His Salvation is the greatest blessing to all who accept Yeshua Jesus as lord

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Chaplain's Corner

    - Jerry Ballard Chaplain
  • evangelism_vision 2013/03/27 00:42:58
    SHALOM _Have a Blessed Easter, From Chaplain Jerry

  • evangelism_vision 2012/12/26 19:28:16
  • evangelism_vision 2012/12/06 20:20:51
  • evangelism_vision 2012/11/17 23:50:05
  • evangelism_vision 2012/10/14 22:35:08
  • Drue-AFCL 2012/05/26 19:31:34
  • Richard Hungwell AKA Relent... 2012/04/26 18:31:06
    Richard Hungwell AKA Relentless
    On every version of it I have heard I was unable to make out anything in that segment, not coons or punks. But I believe if they had credible evidence that he said coons that the prosecutor would have stated that in the affidavit rather than stating punks.
  • JonDeniro 2012/04/26 18:21:16
    People will put whatever spin on it that suits them, but I clearly heard "coons." Not maybe, not probably...that is what was said. I don't know what editing the news utilized...what I heard was not the mainstream media version, but raw from a radio station.
  • JonDeniro 2012/04/26 17:38:56

    I am disappointed to learn that you have been blocked. It seems that people use that as a censorship tool quite often...something I strongly disapprove of.

    I first heard about this incident on a talk radio show in Cleveland the day after it occurred. They played the recording of the first 911 phone call and some of the police comments as well. I don't recall his exact words, but Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher that he was going to follow Martin and check him out, and the dispatcher told him "no. We don't need you to do that." You could then hear Zimmerman's footsteps and breathing, and he muttered to himself "these fucking coons." This obviously occurred before Martin was shot.
  • staarduster 2012/04/06 13:46:17
    Thanks for befriending me.
  • Richard Hungwell AKA Relent... 2012/04/01 14:08:11 (edited)
    Richard Hungwell AKA Relentless
  • \V/ 2011/11/22 19:28:20
  • jimrthy BN-0 2011/10/14 19:00:35
    jimrthy BN-0
    Your avatar about censorship is awesome
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