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|Blood On The Dance Floor Are My Heros<3|
Blood On The Dance Floor 2011<
Hi There
I am Skaila Mikelle Billie-Tiger (tylers her best friend lay off >:D)
I am 12 (Dont like it then dont add me :3)
I am a Black Veil Brides Fan
Ive been listening to Black Veil Brides Since I Was 11 >_>
I do not like Stalkers :3
I am OBSESSED with emo boys ♥:3
Izzy Hilton and Jeffree Star are my favorite Idols :3
I blow the candles on March 5
My best friends are Seth Becca Boo Jake Ally Shane Karla Colby Josh Desiree(i miss her) Billie(my gay friend) Austin Alex Mariel Chuchu AKA Tyler Josh
Music is my life<3
i love pierceings
i love scene styles
I love Gay people♥
♥Support gay pride Baby♥.

I'd like to meet

close eachotherlt3 caring sweet loving funny fun aroundhaving heartlt3
This is my Weird Buddy and we have some things in common and We both are weird xD Man i love talking to this dude right here hes amazing to talk to and when i first met him i knew that we both be great friends on here and we have fun amazing awkard convos that no body had before and we love pierce the veil and vampires everywhere<3. When i go to Alesana concert i am going to take you with me Alex and we both will be jamming out at the concert if we ever meet them we should ask them to hang out with us and that would be AMAZING xD And mines is a shark hat and his is a Dog hat :D me and you are going to be weird buddies for life.

Haa get this douche of your profile :P hahaha

hat dog hat weird buddies life haa douche profile hahaha
This is Tyler my new best friend hes super nice and friendly we both love botdf asking alexandria bring me the horizon he ish my pet dinosaur Stanley buddy because He loves animals and We both own my dinosaur Stanley be Bananas We both love Marilyn Monroe I ish his cat buddeh forever be bananas his new nickname Ish ChuChu no one else can called him that besides his kitty buddeh and from the first time i met Tyler i thought i was going to annoy him but I didnt and im glad that hes my best friend and ChuChu We tried to draw Marilyn Monroe but we draw a stick figure and that was fun <3 ChuChu<3

chuchu draw marilyn monroe draw stick figure fun lt3 chuchult3
This is Cameron I love this kid because hes fun and i got him a dinoasaur, he named his dino Chetoo be jelly >_< we both have pet dinosaurs< 3 i love our converstaion Cameron dont let anyone brignyou down if they do ima throw bananas at them<3


Well herrow there stranger! ^.^
You are currently reading Skaila's page.
Here's a few things you should know about her:
1. She's completely funny, and random.
2. She loves her friends to death.
3. Don't mess with her.
4. She has GREAT taste in music.
5. Skaila is pretty much my little sister.
6. She has a pet dinosaur! Be careful though 'cause he bites.
7. This chicka is amazing.
Anywho Skaila has the oddest sense of humor, and I literally mean oddest. She can make anyone laugh and smile even if they don't want to. I suggest you don't start anything with her because not only will you have to deal with me, but you would have to deal with a million other people. Her dinosaur is the fucking shit. This girl cares for anyone and everyone no matter how many mistakes you make. She's always there for you no matter what. All I have to say is I love you Skaila as a sister of course.

Favorite Books

HACKED BY TYLER! xD i had to put it here cause the other spots are taken :P
<33 skaila first time i met you i was like ahh shes gonna annoy me -.- but i was wrong your the sweettesssttt little thing ever i freakin love you and our dragon stanley! xD we have shtuff in common so far :3! <3 your my best friend and always will be im here for you through the hard and good times! -hugs-! <3xD your an adorable little kitty me and you just met a while ago and already were so close i love our weird conversations and OH we both love marilyn monroe.(: we tried to draw her but ended up with a boat and a stick figure that just made me laugh! when you say your ugly i just gasp and wanna shake you cause thats just insanity out of your mouth missy >:D your beautiful inside and out! i has nothing else to say so far if any of YOU! mess with her ima slice your head off and feed it to stanley >:) dont know her? ADD HER shes freakin aweshummmm :3 Loveeeeee youuuu Cat<3!

Favorite Quotes

Well I was thinking about adding lyrics to start off my whole hacking thing but then I was like.. I'm too fucking lazy, or am I? Ha yeah I am actually. Anyway so.. if you're reading this you obviously have nothing better to do. LAME ASS. But I've known this chick for ages and I do mean ages. One thing I realized is that we've never gotten into a fight much less a little argument. She has a big heart and the good thing about her is that she'll love you for who you are. She's like a sister to me and I swear to fucking god if I find out that you hurt her in anyway.. I will beat your ass. I think people start too much shit on here and you guys seriously need to cut the shit. BUT ANYWAY not only is she like a sister to me but she's like a best friend too. She has a great taste in music which I think got us talking in the first place. She's the type of person that you can joke around with but still talk to seriously. If you need someone that will always be there for you talk to her. She doesn't bite.. well actually she does but just don't make her angry. All I have to say is I'll always be here for you no matter what through thick and thin. Just message me if you need help with something. I love you like a sister.


mhmm well were can i start off there soo many things i could say about you for one your sooo nice and amazeing the first day i met you you made me smile and brightened up my whole dayy :) and u still do <33 im glad i have met you i can tell were gunna be good good friends well i hope soo because i dont really want to loose you :( i would be sad if that happend well anyways hehe ur soo pretty and u deserve to be treated good and like theres no one else in the world like u because guess what there isnt theres no on in the world liek you and thats good :) because even if there was i get the orgnial the best that there is :P u make me feel loved and happy i and i love talking to you ill always be here for you no matter what if u ever need some one to talk to about anything im here sweet <33 forever and always and when ur upset ill try my hardest to wip the tears from your eyes to fix a broken heart to promise ill be by your side ill never judge you no matter what happens your in my heart for ever and ever :) :) :) ill take everything that has hurt you so wen your sad u can smile that beautiful smile u have :) well i could go on and on but i dont want to bore you lol
but i love you and your my sunshine :) u make me happy wen skys are gray lol

love boo <333333

You are such a great friend! Your funny, VERY pretty, love emo boys (so do i<333) and are a really fun person to talk to....i love having "sleepovers" at your house and drawing on eachother haha it's the best!!!....i remember when we watched chucky and you feel asleep so i scared you lolz!....anywayz dont let anyone mess with you bcs if they do they'll have to deal with me!:D

Loves ya!

Favorite Heroes

Everyone this is Mariel my best friend and Alex's wife :) Mariel is awesome, pretty, fun, sweet, caring, cute and I love talking to her a lot < 3 we like to speak french and I love how she's herself not some else She's taken no flirting no falling in love with her got it O.o Me and Mariel can be best friends for life and always will be We both really like talking to each other and poke each other -_- but she is very nice she doesn't bite unless you talk to her :) Mariel is the sweetest girl ive ever met in my entire life<3 She makes me smile when she say something sweet to me and you are so pretty Mariel<3 Dont ever change for anyone because i like the way you are and i love your dinosaur but u need to give your dinosaur a name :). Mariel i love you and you will always make me smile or laugh just like everyone else<3 I love it when you Poke Me You're my sunshine You are my lighting bolt you are my shooting star<3333 i cant desricbe how awesome u are to me ever since we first met on this site whenever i am down you know how to make me smile.<333 Ich Liebe Dich Mariel <3

Hellu You've been hacked! >:D bahahaha
So Skaila, you're an awesome girl! So kind and caring, you're a great friend! Dont ever change for anybody! got it!?!?! good girl! ^_^ and you're pretteh!! really pretteh!! yeush! :3
I love you and stay the way you are! :D ok now im going...xD bye...Mariel was here!
24.09.11 ...1:32 am! remember that! >:( suckers! ...love ya'll! x]

21:08. 24/10/11
Mariel....BOOYAAAA! (;


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