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I love animals and nature. A sense of humor is very important to me. I like to keep an open mind about everything, that way I can always allow myself to change and/or grow. I value people who are themselves ("real") , and try to avoid phony ones. Sometimes I can have psychic and paranormal moments and experiences. I have no religion but some of my own beliefs, such as God, Reincarnation and Karma. I believe in extraterrestrials, life on other planets and other dimensions. I like to question society and not be molded by it. Government Conspiracy Theories are hot topics for me. I am independent and enjoy being by myself. Some people may describe me as a Super-Freak, I would like to say that I am unique, L.O.L..

I'd like to meet

God, my Inner Child, my Subconscious, my Higher Consciousness, friendly and cool extraterrestrials and hybrids.


davidicke.com, the Internet ( I am banned from SodaHead at work. A very long story. Therefore, I will be a Yahoo Buzz Buzzette at work and a SodaHead at home. I just got a laptop hooked up at my apartment), computers, movies, books, being out in nature, music, partying (L.O.L), exploring the unknown realms, bicycling, and swimming.

Favorite Music

I love all types of music, except for: Opera, Rap, Acid Rock, Heavy Metal with Satanic lyrics

Favorite TV Shows

That 7o's Show, The Office, Married With Children ( I haven't had cable for years)

Favorite Movies

Too many to list, but I'll list some: The Burbs, The Money Pit, When Harry Met Sally, Pleasantville, Ghost, The Princess Bride, Men In Black 1 - 2, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Star Wars-all, Paranormal Activity, A Fish Called Wanda, Along Came Polly, 9 to 5, Ghostbusters 1 - 2, Toy Story 1-3, Shrek 1-3

Favorite Books

Christ In Egypt, by D.M Murdock / All of Janet Evanovich's / I am Me, I am Free, The Biggest Secret, Children Of The Matrix, Human Race Get Off Of Your Knees- The Lion Sleeps No More, all by David Icke

Favorite Quotes

"I am what I am"- Popeye / "If you can't laugh at yourself, then you don't get the joke."- me / There are OVER 100 billion stars in a galaxy, there are OVER 100 billion galaxies, there are universes, inside universes.- Just some facts. / "Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."-by ? / "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."- Dr. Seuss


  • AMo45 2011/04/23 17:37:55 (edited)
    Happy Easter happy easter Easter bunny chimp
  • easyeduri~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/22 03:46:49
    Maybe you could connect to a proxy, then operate that in intra net node, so you can visit any site you please, bypassing any filters. :)
  • Paige 2011/04/22 02:37:42
    The pleasure is all mine, friend !!!

    pleasure friend dancing monkey animated pleasure friend dancing monkey animated pleasure friend dancing monkey animated
  • Dave 2011/04/22 02:36:39
    haha cheers ya i like it now!
  • easyeduri~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/17 18:12:25
    What you have to do upon obtaining the netbook is use it in wireless node and attempt connecting to www.sodahead.com. If that doesn't work, then punch in the site's numerical URL. If it doesn't come up, and code 60 appears instead, then the site has been blocked.
  • easyeduri~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/17 05:58:59
    Good day NR. That would be an idea to get a net book for purpose of logging on to Soda head from work. Be wary of any IT technician there blocking port 80 or running a DNS on the numerical web address of Sodahead. If you get a connection failure under code (60) at URL, it means the site has been blocked. May you have a joyous Sunday. All the best, Ed.
  • Soundstorm 2011/04/17 02:30:13
    How curious. Any business would at least cover itself with Norton or Avast. The only thing that's popped up a few times on Sodahead was the personalantivirus malware. But it's no longer able to attach itself to my operating system. Wonder what the mood's like over at Buzz right about now.
  • ♥~Rainbow~♥ 2011/04/16 05:23:52
    Well then..we have something in common....;)

    common laughing monkey gif

    common laughing monkey gif
  • Soundstorm 2011/04/16 05:06:46
    Uuuhhh..... here?

    I've been computerless a few times in the last couple years myself. But somehow I've managed to get back in the rodeo.

    Now is the Buzz getting whacked on the 21st or the 25th?
  • Sweet Fang 2011/04/13 03:56:56
    Sweet Fang
    LOL....I hope to become an angel too!
  • gkirmani 2011/04/06 05:21:57
    Best when NO JOKES are cracked right?
  • wcake 2011/04/06 03:28:38
    I love that picture! But I cannot do that yet. My other two dogs need more attention and LOT LOVE from me. They also are hurting too. After Bella was gone. It gave strangely effect on them.. My dog, the one with black tri did not want to eat the supper on that night Bella was passing away.
  • Rocky 2011/04/05 18:32:23
    I was bounced because of reasons unknown...but noticed that the person who blocked me...did not block my raves...
  • AMo45 2011/04/05 18:14:07
    As a reminder creepy sock monkey LOL reminder creepy sock monkey lol  sexy monkey
  • Soundstorm 2011/04/05 03:55:30
    Doon't leet dem ban your monkey mon! Eet ees bad juju!

    You haven't missed too much. Some days I need to clear as many as 330 shared questions only to see 200 more appear the next day. As the old song goes, welcome my friends to the show that never ends. It's rock and roll.
  • wcake 2011/04/05 02:59:16
    I agree. Though, I still miss my Bella.
  • wcake 2011/04/05 02:26:23
    Cool! Thanks for accepting me!!!!

    cool accepting
  • No Reality 2011/04/05 01:54:17
    No Reality
    My employer has banned me from Sodahead because there are too many viruses on it. (A very long story) Therefore, at work you can find me on Yahoo Buzz as a Buzzette and at home I will be a SodaHead. I just now bought a laptop and got connected at my apartment.I feel as if I have been in detention at work being bocked from SodaHead...L.O.L... sodahead laptop connected apartment feel detention work bocked sodahead monkey with laptop
  • Sissy 2011/03/08 13:20:09
    Good Morning my "new Friend". Just popping in to wish you a very Happy Fat Tuesday.
    friend popping happy fat tuesday
  • Sissy 2011/03/07 23:12:27
    Thank you for the request, I am pleased to be your friend. request pleased friend Thank you
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