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hajimashite watashi wa keisuke des.
my name is Keisuke.. just talk to me and i'll tell you what you want to know.
lol.. ellen is my english name.. and im really chinese..just lived in japan all my life..so..ha.


I'd like to meet



anything musical


Bass, electric, drums, music :]
何か音楽 XD
i also take great interest in photography and modeling.

Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Movies

lol asian movies.
horror.. especially.. and weird movies (X<
haha. cz im weird like that O::


  • XxXCandyCoatedPrincessXxX 2010/12/22 00:23:38
    oh my gosh! o lvoe your hair!!
  • . 2010/12/21 23:36:05
    yes yes keep it , trust me imma a hair stylist ;]]
    ofcourse ofcourse >:D prepare to get your ass wooped <.< XD
    tehe, arnt i nice...& the bestest? :3
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 20:26:06 (edited)
    BAHAHAH okaaaays ^^
    ;;O dammit i wanna go malaysia & taiwan ¬.¬
    im gonna go find you and travel with you,
    if you dont want me,
    私はあなたのスーツケースの中に非表示にするつもりです! ¬.¬ XD
  • . 2010/12/21 20:14:24
    No problemoooo ;;D
    i like it (:
    pfsht stop showing oooooof ¬.¬ im gonna train to be a prof ninja ¬.¬ then you'll see who is the aweshomest ninja >:D
    i knows, cos im magic ;D , haha jokes, um i read your status thingy
    bahah *HIGH FIVE* for getting out!!!!! ^^
    pfsht i shall buy you a cake :3
  • 2284331 2010/12/21 19:53:42
  • 2284331 2010/12/21 17:37:57
    i just did >:)
  • Chubbi3_Bunni3 2010/12/21 17:00:19
    omgg!!!!!!!!!!!. lol. XD
  • . 2010/12/21 08:12:17
    i wuv your hair kaisuke<3!! ^^
    a white shadow ninja :O? fine i shall be the typical black ninja ¬.¬
    and congrats!~finally out of the hospital! >:D hehe.
  • Tater Tots 2010/12/21 07:01:36
    Tater Tots
    nice to meet you oo! is that a four eyed smilie face?? lol sweet
    Im Nikki
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 07:01:34
    ;O oh YAAAAAAY Lol, awesome yeah sure fine,
    have fun ;D
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 07:00:15
    NO NO NOOOOOOO DAMN YOU FOOLS >:/ Lol, sowwie :3 ;o
    i dont like this ¬.¬
    bahahah ofcorse!, im proud ashwell....asian FTW!^-^
    wow really? all my family lives nearly EVERYWHERE in asia <.<
    i've beenn to china,japan, thailand, burma, korea....etc ;;P
    except no one lives'ere in th UK, we live here cos my dad wants to learn good english n'all XD
  • :>:>Desiree Lee<:<: 2010/12/21 06:58:30
    :>:>Desiree Lee<:<:
    who are you calling an idiot?! fart bag! lol
    wait...you confused me! ahahaha
  • Tater Tots 2010/12/21 06:56:17
    Tater Tots
    sure thing =]
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 06:52:10
    bahah, gee i feel like an outcast ¬.¬
    i told arron im going to learn italian ¬.¬ he doesnt know italian <.<
    pahah my parents wont allow it tho! they'll be like 'no! you not speak italiaan, no no no!, you speak korean it is your language, speak korean fool!' x] bahah my parents and family are very proud of being asian ¬.¬ XD
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 06:40:12 (edited)
    Hah, 私が右を知っていますか?;;D
    ^ Bahahah your friend Arron? he is sucha show of cos he knows more languages then me >:/ Lol.
    No worrieeees! X]
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 05:39:11
    Bahahah awh no! ;S x]]
  • ~Kaya 2010/12/21 05:29:50
    頼もう :)
    Watssup?^ ^
  • 2284331 2010/12/20 19:35:27
    i will slap you.
  • EmilyyKarma 2010/12/20 17:14:54
    Yupp. You're Welcomee.
  • :>:>Desiree Lee<:<: 2010/12/20 16:46:06
    :>:>Desiree Lee<:<:
    hahaha GOOODDDD THENNNN!!!!
    so your calling yourself a nerd?! hahahah
    FAIL! Tv is pretty amazing! lol
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