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-So basically I spent my time on here when I was like 11 or 12? But I still come on every now and then. If there are any old friends who have happened to come by and keep contact, follow me on instagram and comment on a random picture that you're an old friend from Sodahead (:
INSTA: http://instagram.com/shyestbr... <---- there's the link in case you happened to be on your PC. But through phone my user is: shyestbrunette_

Seriously it would mean the world to me if we made contact again, being on here breaks my heart knowing I am not in contact with any of you anymore.

Update on me:
I'm 15.
I have started to open my eyes more on how people are on the media on the real world. The most important thing to always remember and do, is be yourself. Seriously just be yourself, that's all that matters. & who ever admires that is truly your friend.

Take care old friends and those who happen to come across my account. Keep living be grateful for what you have.


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