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I don't see evidence for a god and I am not looking for god. I spent 20 years looking for him with no sign and that is long enough. I have no problem with people that believe in a god but I immediately have a problem with someone that thinks they know what their god wants. If there is a god, no one knows what he wants because he isn't talking to anyone. To even begin to think you know what he wants leads down a very dangerous path.

As vast and complex as the universe and life is you think that same creator with all that capability can't do any better than the bible (or any other religious text) to communicate with us? That is totally beyond my belief. Sure there might be a creator, but that creator has nothing to do with the bible. The bible just doesn't hold a candle to creation.

We non-believers should abandon the label atheist. It carries too much baggage. Say what you do believe in instead, such as secular humanism or whatever you are into.

What I do believe in:

-The US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights
-The rule of law
-Regulated Capitalism
-The Scientific Method

Why do I believe these things? Because they have a proven track-record that is better than their competing solutions.

If I have to call myself something I would choose: skeptic.


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  • Connectification 2012/04/28 19:04:17
    Love to know your opinions about this matter. Help me out here, won't you

  • Connectification 2012/04/23 16:11:50
    A food of thought for you, my fellow atheist : http://www.youtube.com/watch?...
  • Incognito 2012/04/04 21:28:00
  • Angela_Wilson 2011/08/23 16:14:12
    Hey Im back now...Ive missed
    everyone! Hope you have a
    GREAT day
  • Sissy 2011/05/12 13:49:27
  • hazel 2011/03/21 00:40:39
    I will say that I respect your beliefs as long as you are restpectful of mine, and I can be a bit fisty and mouthy,,,no perfection here......God talks to me every day, when I hear a baby laugh, or stand in the mist in a forest , or go to Shasta, or watch a puppy chase a bee, And believe it or not God talks to me all the time .....I dont mind if you raise your eyes in disbelief.....Its not always just my thoughts in my head ....but I have to pay attention to all , or I would miss it.....some times Sodabox ...we miss the thing that is right in front of us because we look too hard ....the old,... cant see the forest for the trees
  • Sissy 2011/03/19 11:59:47
    I just wanted to stop in and wish you a wonderful weekend SodaBox. I wanted to tell you too how very much I enjoy your contributions on all levels! (Questions, Blogs, Comments, Replies). I just wish I could keep my cool as well as you do! LOL But then I've been on long enough that "they" know what buttons to push.

    'Anyway, have a good one.
    questions blogs comments replies cool lol ive buttons push
  • Prometheus~phaet~ 2011/03/12 15:31:38
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2011/02/16 16:08:09
    As a fellow atheist who mostly agrees with your 'Likes & Interests', I prefer the term 'unaffected human explorer'.
  • Sissy 2011/02/04 13:45:12
  • Shayes ™ 2011/02/03 18:47:34
    Shayes ™
    I read your profile and in looking at the pic of the dog's rear end I find it to be pretty cool that all over everything God has created, His image can be found.
  • Sissy 2011/01/24 14:14:16
  • PEEPL 2011/01/12 07:23:14
    To all my new friends, here's a strong cup of coffee. Have a great week. :)
    friends strong cup coffee week
  • Veronica 2011/01/05 00:13:50
    Saw this and started laughing.

    One thing that we never talk about is how rigorous a TSA training session is:

    And that is just the book lernin. You should see the extensive practice that they have to go through to get it just right!
  • Zuggi 2011/01/04 02:16:11
    No, but they are pretty awesome.
  • Angela_Wilson 2010/12/30 18:07:35
    happy new year

    I added u onto my top friends hope that was ok
    have a GREAT day
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