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my name is chris i am very loving caring and sweet. i want to go to college to be a counselor. i am very open about myself. i love to write poems and draw.. i like all kinds of music. i like to be outdoors whenever i can. i like all animals except bugs and snakes. i hate clowns. my favorite subjects are vampires and werewolves. i love to talk and text. i am very talkative once you get to know me. i have a great family but i need some awesome friends. i have some mental health problems if you want to know about them you can just send me a messages asking about them. i am very helpful and caring as long as you dont screw me over. i am very trusting. i am a changed person. send me messages if you want to know more about me.

I'd like to meet

i would like to meet my true love and some great friends that show that they care about me and are not going to stab me in the back


i like to run and watch all kinds of sports.


i want to go to college. i want to get my drivers lincense. i want to get my poems published. i am interested in alot of things.

Favorite Music

like all kinds of music

Favorite TV Shows

i like ghost stories ghost whisper ghost hunters ghost adventures csi ncis and alot of others.

Favorite Movies

i likf all kinds of movies but my favorite moves right now are the twlight saga

Favorite Books

twlight saga and harry potter house of night stephen king den koontz lord of the rings wereling nightworld and lots of other books that i really cant remmeber right now

Favorite Quotes

if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all.

Favorite Heroes

my mom my friends and my family


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