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i luv 2 doodle, read good books, write and learn about history.
i am a really good singer/guitarist and have performed in 50 events so far. I really luv 2 help the world. I recycle. i have a BFF named Kate Soleson that has been my BFF since preschool. I think school is important if ur gonna hav a life. btw my middle name is
I am practically obsessed with doodling and anime.
i luv 2 cook
i hav golden eyes, tanish skin, i used to hav soft, brown hair, but now itz jet black
i luv 2 draw anime
I ADORE the color green
P.S. i hav nevr had a boyfriend or a first kiss, bla bla BLAH
I am with the wolves when it come 2 Twilight (that does NOT mean i'm on team jacob, and it does NOT mean i'm on team edward)
i think sometimes edward really is a sprakly fairy stalker (in New Moon)
i believe in the supernatrural
i adore my pets and wish i had wings
Wolves RULE! (no offense, edward! ha ha)
i think that ppl shouldn't judge other ppl if they're emo,bi, lez or gay- itz mean, really
i don't give a flip if someone tells me 2 shut up, itz THEY'RE problemo
i hate ppl who r slobs and eat potato chips all day
umm.... i think diamonds r NOT a girls best friend
i luv fall and hate summer
i luv Milky Way, but a almost NEVER eat it
P3@c3 0ut! =D

I'd like to meet

anyone who is intelligent, smart, funny and truly awesome, someone who makes me laugh and comforts me when i'm down, someone who
wld do ANYTHING 4 me and never let me down.


playing the guitar and swimming


playing my guitar, hanging out with my BFF, Kate and listening 2 good music AND drawing anime.
playing guitar hanging bff kate listening 2 music drawing anime

Favorite Music

ANYTHING except 4 really stupid music

4 stupid music

Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Movies

the disaster movie is my all-time favorite
disaster movie all-time

Favorite Books

Nature Girl

Favorite Quotes

"I know what you are, but what am I?"

Favorite Heroes

Hershey Chocolate Bar (lol)


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