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i live in california i work a lot and i love listening to musik and watching movies. i also love reading im hella funny i like to laugh hella too

I'd like to meet

THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery,Eddy Guerrero,Johnny Knoxville, BAM Margera, Pretty much the whole jackass crew,


watching movies
chilin with my peeps (lol)
listening to musik


i collect movies i have a pretty big movie collection i have over 200 in my collection. i love to listen to musik! it is one of my favorite things to do. i cant not listen to it or else i will go insane! i love to read. i watch tv i love csi law and order svu

Favorite Music

i love musik. im not really picky i like almost anything but therez some that i like more than others
-linkin park
-the ramones
-andrew wk
-the beastie boys
-the beatles
-bob dylan
-daft punk
-the who
-rum dmc
-the rolling stones
-frankie valley and the four seasons
-james brown
-jimi hendrix
-led zeppelin
-mac dre
-the doors
-janis joplin
-the dirges
-30 Seconds To Mars

Favorite TV Shows

dont really watch a whole lot of tv but i do on occasions
=True Blood
=The Walking Dead
=family guy
=how i met your mother
=law and order svu
=Jersey Shore

Favorite Movies

i have way too many but heres a few that i really love!
-The Boondock Saints
-the Boondock Saints All Saints Day
-Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
-The Departed
-jackass 1,2,2.5.3D
-the harry potter movies
- the x-men movies
-young frankenstien
-the history of the world
-the runaways
-the dark knight
-batman begins
-I Love You, Man
-Clerks 2
-Sixteen Candles
-Across The Universe
All the Underworld movies
-The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
-Dazed And Confused
-The Crow

Favorite Books

The Outsiders The Twilight series Harry Potter Crank Vampire Kisses Series Catcher In The Rye Speak Go Ask Alice Scar Tissue Gingerbread Shrimp Cupcake

Favorite Quotes

"People fear what they don't understand."

Favorite Heroes

The Boondock Saints


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