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Very open. Try not to be judgemental, on purpose. I believe very greatly in the quote "To each their own". People have different thoughts and feelings. Who am I to tell someone they are wrong for it? I may not like one thing, but I never knock it. I just say that ain't for me, but for someone else, good for them if it makes them happy. I like Sodahead because it is a place for me to express freely my thoughts. Sort of like an escape from the real world.

I'd like to meet

Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach. & all the other guys from the band of course. For one, Jacoby is sooooofakinghawt! Plus I think they are some of the most laid back famous people who didn't let it get to the head. I go to their concerts when they come to Nashville, but I want to meet them.


I want to get into the gym/working out lifestyle. Mind over matter is half the trip of getting there. Lol. I like video games, movies, music....summer time-best time to get out and do things with my family.


I am addicted to rock music! I am always trying to find new music and sticking with who and what I am already addicted to. CONCERTS! I want to go to every one I can get to.

Favorite Music

all Rock! PAPA ROACH! Coheed and Cambria. Chevelle. Slipknot. Killswitch Engage. Five Finger Death Punch. Bullet for my Valentine. Haste the Day. Asking Alexandria. HIM. 10 Years. Breaking Benjamin. Dead by April. Deftones. Eyes Set to Kill. Escape the Fate. and soooo much more!

Favorite TV Shows

REALITY: American Idol. Jersey Shore.
others: True Blood. Heroes. Drop Dead Diva. Ghost Whisperer. Lie To Me. Glee. Californication. Saving Grace.The Vampire Diaries. Once Upon a Time. Grimm. The Walking Dead. Switched at Birth. Prison Break. Glee. Pretty Little Liars. Raising Hope.

Favorite Movies

wow. this is always a hard one. cant answer it. i have over 100 gagillion favs! MOVIE BUFF 4 Life

Favorite Quotes

"True love is not how u forgive, but how u forget, not what u see but what u feel, not how u listen but how u understand, & not how u let go but how u hold on."


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