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  • belinda bell 2010/05/12 11:00:36
    belinda bell
    i DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT American Idol anymore.The favorite..Crystal is my LEAST favorite. care american idol crystal
  • PEG 2010/04/29 22:59:06
    big mike should be the next to go.. all his songs sound alike. siobhan had to go now, its going to get down to the best from now on. i'm sorry for all who has to go but there can be only one winner..
  • Marley Ann 2010/04/08 13:35:16
    Marley Ann
    mike is a bad singer srry!
  • Marley Ann 2010/04/07 17:32:26
  • imah8er 2010/03/12 02:06:09
    who else here thinks that LILY SCOTT was way better than that other girl. !!! i think its a total bull she went home! but anyways they all r gone home cept for one. just mad that lily went home.
  • betty 2010/02/12 23:24:44
    Just looking at this page of topics confirms to me that the choice of the choice of the new judge has taken away from the good focus that was on the contestants. Idol was one place the youngsters could go that had positive, basically wholesome and honest feed to them. They have access to so much that is negative, violant, oversexed, and just plain garbage. Idol was a breath of fresh air to us who are older and concerned about the direction of our young ones and I think it's a shame to have this distractive controversy.
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