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Political Pundit
Conservative Pundit Examiner.com
Journalism Major
Investigative Reporter large City newspaper in the Midwest in the era when Journalism included honesty, justice, ethics and morals; in other words the Free Press was still alive and well in the US.
I write for enjoyment now and hopefully to make a difference in logical political thought of the American People.

I'd like to meet

Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Charles Krauthammer
Glenn Beck
Rush Limbaugh
Sarah Palin
Aw, hell you get it. People with minds not the nuts of the ruling class.


Traveling - I haven't been everywhere but darned close.
Golfing - Bogie Golfer but I try
Bashing the crap out of the Progressives with words of force.
Target Shooting
Drinking Beer and shots of whiskey.
I may be old but I ain't dead.
crap progressives force target shooting drinking beer shots whiskey dead


Politics, News, World Policy, US Policy and the Restoration of the Constitution of the United States.

Favorite Music

Music Playlist at MixPod.com
I'm old an old Rocker seen Eric Clapton to ZZ Top.
Been to Woodstock and back.
Free Love and all that stuff.

Favorite TV Shows

Only News 24/7
No more lame stream crap since Lou Dobbs left CNN it's just another Misery Station Nauseating Brain Cramp.
Fox News Rules, do your own homework, fact check and you'll see the light... we hope.

Favorite Movies

Full Metal Jacket
Hurt Locker

Favorite Books

Old Ones, with lots of dust and cobwebs. Probably if I had to choose it would be Atlas Shrugged.

Anything American History before 1960 when the socialists started to alter history to accomplish their political means.

OEUVRES De Victor Hugo 1872 in French

Favorite Quotes

Tell the truth and the world will be at your beck and call -- me.

Favorite Heroes

Still waiting for one. I'm sure they will be a Conservative.


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