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well lets see i'll start by telling you about me
i love paramore, tokio hotel, and the twilight saga, jakob is my fav.I love to do sports! I love Soccer, La Crosse,a bit of Voly Ball, and Cross Country Runing! My friends say I am supper skinny! I am not even kiding! I waigh like 99.8 pounds for a high scholer! I am avegeterian, I hardly eat junk food,I am so healthy,OHH yeah I love Chowder,Spongebob & Elmo!

I'd like to meet

I would most likely wanna meat taylor luther a.k.a. jacob black.
Well i actualy did at the Fox Valley Mall here at Aurora
& the whole band of : IL.http://www.deviantart.com/...


My favorite activities are to play soccer, La Cross, not that big crazy fan of Football, V- ball, or Basketball. They are just weard, stupid, idiotic, sports! I went out with tons of football players. I am actualy a preaty awsome chearleder my self! So yeah i know, how guys are!


I wanna be a Veternarian. When i grow up! Or a Music Teacher if the Vet. thing doesn't go well! Even if blood gets me dizy!

Favorite Music

I totaly love :Paramore, Fall out boy, Jason Derulo only that one song Wacha say, Reimstain, Lil Wane, Good Charlette, and Tokio Hotel.

Favorite TV Shows

Dont wach tv much so i realy cant say but i LOVE C, E, &

Favorite Movies

District 9 , Twilight, i wanna go see New Moon and the other movie series too.

Favorite Books

Ida B ,Twilight saga, i will go on and on about books i just love them!
i'm a nerd so yeah. but i totaly don't look like 1!

Favorite Quotes

"Family.. cant live with them...cant live without them." &
"Everyone whan'tz 2 be Happy. Noone whantz 2 be in Pain but you can't have a Rainbow with out eany Rain."

Favorite Heroes

Bob marley for sure!
john morrison


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