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About Me

Rangers Fan, Scottish, can speak a bit of Galeic, Can't spell as people keep reminding me, i supose i should put sleeping in here

I'd like to meet

Billy Connolly,


music, gardening (so what i enjoy it), i've only just started reading books, mountain climbing, football (or soccer), any sport realy but i'm more of an arm chaire enfusiast, & sharing opinions

Favorite Music

The type of music i like is all over the place, it just follows my mood i supose,

Favorite TV Shows

i do'nt watch that mutch T.V.

Favorite Movies

Shawshank Redemption, One Flew over the Coo Coos Nest, Shindlers List, Forest Gump and The Green Mile,Fight Club

Favorite Books

The only books ive read worth mentoning are The Haj , Ian Rankins serious of books about a homacide detective, A few histoy books and the bible but not all of it, and a bunch of crap that i'm embaraced about like harry potter, nothernights, billy elliot but that was not bad

Favorite Quotes


yep it makes sences..............if you think about it

Favorite Heroes



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