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I love anime, espicailly naruto. I write novels and graphic novels in the japanese style and am currently studying the language. I have a deep love of nature and am in good physical shape. I love animals and drawing. Drawing especially, the drawings below are my own and a do accept commissions.

I'd like to meet

not really anyone


swimming, shooting, watching anime, working out, driving a tractor, painting, drawing, sowing, eating


ANIME....swimming, my friends, boys...food....um i dunno if i can safely mention the others

Favorite Music

i love most music, the only think i don't like much of is rap and screamer-failure

Favorite TV Shows

なると ( と しぷでん), ごすと ふんと, いたわえるもの, てりぐん 
doll house, Buffy, Criminal minds, NCIS

Favorite Movies

dunno, I liked Nedesco, and when LOTR came out i loved them too cause i was a kid. I love the saw movies and other horror. I tend to like anime and the disney classics.

Favorite Books

なると . ヘゥシング. ベェアチュ. あかい かわ hot gimmick and bride of the water god

Favorite Quotes

"I just can't get over the fact that you hit me with a metal pipe" -Alpha from Dollhouse
"better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." "if at first you
don't succeed lion taming is not for you" -unknown
"i blame anime for my high expectations of men" -me
"I'm afraid it is time to uthanize you, we must put you out of our misery" -Timothy lolz
"no honey, your fat makes you look fat" -unknown
"You can't blame me if the world I dream of in my head is better than the one you live in" -me
"it is illegal to kill people for being stupid" -unknown
"I see dumb people" -spoof of sixth sense
"whether or not it's good, it's necissary" -me
"Do what you can while you can, because there may come a day when you have to look back at what you've done and see that it was or was not empty" -me
"We are almost over the hill in a manner of speaking, growing into the generation that leaves behind instead of receives" -Shikamaru, Naruto
"if I stand in the rain you can't see me cry, but if I stood in the sun and cried would you care?" -me
"Better to be myself and be hated for me than to be loved for someone I could never truly be." -alot of people
"I don't blame you for not understanding who I am because I am the tuest kind of artist, the kind who can cause you to think that I care, or that I'm not watching all that closely. My mask is my work of art and that is the only part of me most people see." -me
"Sometimes I would rather bleed than see other's bleed." -me (can you tell i love the things i say).

Favorite Heroes

I have very heroes that don't live inside of me :)


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