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About Me

Hi my name is arianna
You can call me la'nae.
I am a people person I am friendly and playful.
If you mess with me I do bite so be careful

I'd like to meet

Chris brown, tyler perry, and anyone else who is cute and nice. I'm straight so I dont do girls .
the number one person is trey songz


I play volleyball I am a cheerleader and dancer and singer.
I am also good with kids.


my interests are ART, MUSIC, DANCE and performing.
I also Like to get to know people.
Trey songz

Favorite Music

I ldepends on the song I'm pretty ,much open.

Favorite TV Shows

House of pain, degrassi, one on one and my super sweet 16

Favorite Movies

Freedom writers,Hancock, meet the browns, step up1and 2, how she move, Guess who, Remeber the titans, A walk to remeber, 7 pounds, Forest Gump etc.

Favorite Books

Sold, surrender, the giver, gathering blue, Number the stars, Diary of anne frank, Baby girl.

Favorite Quotes

Friends: you break her heart, I break your face

If you want to be loved be loveable

You had the key to my heart but sorry I changed the locks!

You should really stop eating yellow snow, cause it's not lemonade.

Welcome home: Don't forget to wipe you paws on the rug and give me your collar cause geuss what, your a dog!!

It takes a fool to know that love don't love nobody.

Don't worry be happy

I'm the wild friend

I wish you were here, in my room, in the my bed, with the lights turned off........
So I can show you my..................
Glow in the dark watch


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