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  • RightMind 2009/10/17 07:17:57

    Make no mistake baby, Im all yours!
    I love you!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/17 06:48:16
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I love you with all of my heart my sweet Prince!

  • RightMind 2009/10/16 05:47:17

    I love you Serious Girl!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/16 05:33:53
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I'm yours my sweet prince! <3
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/15 11:52:08
    ~Just Bite Me~
    Just popping in to say I love you, and to wish you a beautiful day!
  • RightMind 2009/10/15 05:36:14

    I love being with you and want that to be forever, you are my best friend!
    I love you baby!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/15 05:30:32
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I just love our long talks! You are not only the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, you are my best friend. I love you madly darling! <3
  • RightMind 2009/10/14 07:19:32

    Just touching you, I cant wait
    I love you baby!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/14 06:31:15
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I love you my sweet prince!
  • RightMind 2009/10/13 06:47:36 (edited)

    If I were looking to give you a kiss
    In a most important spot
    Its likely that I wouldnt miss
    The ones that make you hot

    I might start with one on your lips
    For your cheek a little peck
    I might even venture a few on your hips
    Or nibble the back of your neck

    Even a little one down on your calf
    your ankle would be there too
    the knees could cut my work in half
    your thighs would just woo hoo!

    But the one that you could understand
    Would be the place to start
    Just might be the palm of your hand
    For theres where you hold my heart


    Love you Princess!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/13 06:33:29
    ~Just Bite Me~

    You will forever be my Prince Charming, I love you with all of my heart!

    prince charming love heart
  • RightMind 2009/10/13 00:55:35

    At night I think about joining you on one day
    in particular in one place when you and I will
    become one, I love you Princess. Mike
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/12 23:54:34
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I love you doll!
  • RightMind 2009/10/11 08:21:20

    Its all yours baby!
    Love you!
    I was snoozin earlier babe!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/11 05:53:33
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I love you so much! Guess you fell asleep waiting for me! I will catch up with you in the morning love!

    love guess asleep waiting catch love
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/10 08:27:54 (edited)
    ~Just Bite Me~

    I love you madly doll! <3
  • RightMind 2009/10/10 08:22:46

    You put a song in my heart baby!
    I love you severely!
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/09 13:23:34
    ~Just Bite Me~
    Love, love, love Clapton! And you of course!

    love love love clapton
  • RightMind 2009/10/09 05:53:13

    When I go to bed, the last thing I do
    Is go in my head, to my picture of you
    I touch your face, I kiss your lips
    I begin to trace, with my fingertips
    Your shape in my mind, I know so well
    I get well inclined, to call and tell
    You first in the morning, when our day does start
    How my body is warming, with your love in my heart

    I love you Brenda
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/10/09 05:52:29
    ~Just Bite Me~

    Can't wait until you are here and we can experience these things together.

    I love you! XOXOXO <3