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About Me

Divorced & remarried to a GOOD woman now
Retired at 55 from being both in show business (Magician) and electrical contractor
Am a very strong conservative
Roman Catholic and proud of it
I'm not ashamed to profess my faith or that I'm an American

I'd like to meet

Jesus, The Christ ... but not just yet.


Fishing, Hunting, Building things, like scale model cabins for the back yard, magic props (Am co-owner in "MagiKing Illusions")


Music: play guitar, among other instruments
Involved in the Church and the Knights of Columbus (4th degree Honor Guard)

Favorite Music

Anything but Opera or Rapp (That's not classified as 'music' anyway)

Favorite TV Shows

So many but don't get to watch a lot.
The Unit
The Red Green Show
Hogan's Heroes
Glenn Beck

Favorite Movies

"It's A Wonderful Life" (Always makes me cry)

Favorite Books

Arguing With Idiots, by Glenn Beck
Common Sense, by Glenn Beck
Surprised By Truth, by Patrick Madrid
Reasons to Believe, By Scott Hahn
Yes or No, by Peter Kreeft
Eucharistic Miracles, by Joan Carroll Cruz
The Incorruptibles, by Joan Carroll Cruz
Inside Purgatory, by Thomas W. Petrisko
... the list goes on ...

Favorite Quotes

"I'd rather live my life as if God existed and find out after I'm dead that He doesn't, than to live my life as if He doesn't and then find out after I'm dead that He does."

"There are no atheists in hell."

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"

Favorite Heroes

My Dad
Thomas Edison
Ronald Reagan
John Wayne
... and there are more on the horizon, thanks to the TEA Party movement.


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  • Lady Willpower 2010/10/17 00:09:27
  • Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy) 2010/10/12 08:10:49
    Captain Spaulding (Movie-Guy)
    I am neither a liberal or conservative..i dont care anything about politics....I am catholic...but ok no problem if you accept me or not..not a big deal..just like having friends to share with back and forth thats all
  • Houizi 2010/09/16 08:07:24 (edited)
    Thanks & back atcha, Pricess!
    The week is going great, Princess. Our new venture ("MagiKing Illusions") started slow but is starting to take off. We're working on a new magic prop that should sell well once we get the bugs out. If I were still doing stage magic I'd buy one.

    ... Oh yeah - I just found out yesterday that I have pneumonia.
  • princess 2010/09/16 01:05:21
    Just checking on you to see how you are, and hoping the week is being good to you my friend......
    checking hoping week friend
  • Kristen Enzo Kadett 2010/09/15 03:31:41
    Kristen Enzo Kadett
    really? :)
    I like the name, it's pretty strong, no?
    Not to sound conceited or anything, but I wouldn't change it.
    And thanks! :D
  • LeifEriksson 2010/09/14 01:50:32
    Great, I'd be quite pleased if it became more popular on the internet. :-D
  • Houizi 2010/09/07 20:21:03
    Thanks & back atcha!
  • princess 2010/09/06 04:07:35
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend my friend......
    holiday weekend friend
  • USA 2010/09/03 07:32:22
    You're welcome!!!!
  • Houizi 2010/09/03 05:55:55
    Right you are, Carpenter! I've been using that on my youngest son ("... in hell"). He thinks he's an atheist (didn't get it from me). Since he's never been in the military, he can't relate to the foxhole part. His older brother, sister & I have been working on him like that. He has no recourse for it.
    Unfortunately, he's stopped talking to us so we did what any loving Christian would do ... we threw him up in the air (via prayer) & let the Master work on him.
  • A Carpenter 2010/09/03 03:25:42
    A Carpenter
    "there are no atheists in a foxhole either" 8-)
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2010/07/27 00:32:33
  • Rodney 2010/07/26 19:36:27
    thanks 4 add Pictures, Images and Photos

    Look forward to many shared comments.
  • cutter's falls 2010/07/26 18:47:28 (edited)
    cutter's falls
  • johnnywoo 2010/07/24 21:27:00
    Read your profile Houizi,and i like it!Anyway i raved you and would like to be a friend.I,m with all the Arizona people,and especially Gov.Jan Brewer to get the illegals out of this nation of ours.WE need a high fence that goes from California to the end of Texas,with snipers every 100 yards,that will get the job done!Not to kill,but to let them know your not coming over this fence!Have a good Sunday my friend!
  • holly go lightly 2010/07/20 23:58:51
    holly go lightly
    Welcome Houizi.Nice to know you .
  • Houizi 2010/07/20 22:35:44 (edited)
    Thank you, Calliope. How I came across it was when I was listening to Catholic radio here in Phoenix one day and heard John giving a talk on Catholic apologetics & then gave the website. I almost had an accident writing it down. Looked it up when I got home & the rest is history.
  • ★Calliope★ 2010/07/11 18:48:09
    Bravo my friend! Lovely, informative and profound statement on the Catholic apology blog. Well done.
  • princess 2010/07/05 00:32:16
    Happy Independence Day and enjoy your holiday weekend........
    happy independence enjoy holiday weekend
  • Houizi 2010/06/27 21:48:15
    Thanks, Princess.
    Right back atcha!
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