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my give a damn is completely busted
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Why the political double standard?
They have no idea what's goi...
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About Me

still waters run deep
native TEXAN and missing home...
I am told my warped sense of humor is not always understood - I find that funny...
If you cannot complete a sentence without the F word, please do not talk to me.
I am sick and tired of healthy, able bodied Americans taking free hand outs because they feel entitled. God gave us a brain and breath, the rest is up to us.
I firmly believe in A HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT.

I'd like to meet

sincere people, Lt Col Allen West, Billy Graham, Dolly Parton, Trace Adkins (yeah baby), intelligent people who do not take themselves so seriously but take the future of our great country very serious.


rescuing and placing abandoned dogs, cats, horses in loving homes where they are wanted, preaching to every pet owner about spaying and neutering...
talking up the Fair Tax option vs the IRS and income taxes
Tea Party events, promoting the truth so Obama does NOT get re-elected
owner spaying neutering talking fair tax option irs income taxes
member of Patriotic Resistance, grassfire.org, Campaign for Liberty
irs income taxes member patriotic resistance grassfire org campaign liberty


horses, scuba diving, gardening, my canine kids, family time

Favorite Music

Pink Floyd, real country music - not hoe down and definitely not pop country, real rock n roll

Favorite TV Shows

NCIS, Desperate Housewives-wait, just read that The Tea Party scares Eva Longoria so nix Desperate Housewives- I can't be scaring some mindless twit who totters around on high heels. Terra Nova-if Obama gets re-elected I hope to move there....

Favorite Movies

Gone With The Wind, Ruthless People, The Bridesmaids

Favorite Books

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boon, Gone With The Wind, Jack Reacher novels

Favorite Quotes

Never mistake gentleness for weakness...Eleanor Roosevelt
Never give the devil a ride, he will always want to drive...Unknown
The truth doesnt happen, it just is. Native American Proverb
Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. John Wayne
Life is a b----, then you marry a man with an exwife and kids. me

Favorite Heroes

Ro - for fighting the good fight because freedom doesnt come free; my Mom and Dad for giving me the best childhood and teaching me to respect myself so that I can respect others; my son who is my sun.


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