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My name is Julie... not too much to say. I simply enjoy the small pleasures in life and I love my family and friends with all my heart. My son is my everything and we are most definatly two peas in a pod. Who says you can't be friends with your child??!! That's bullshit. My son is my best friend and he knows what lines he can and can not cross. I do not know what I would do without him.

I try to do the best I can in this life but find that sometimes it's "just not good enough". Oh well...

Basically, to love me is to know me.... take a chance.. it's a breath of freash air. :D

My door is always open and everybody is welcome.... well at least until you cross me, then your ass is out.


My family is my life and my son my angel. There is truly no place like home.

Favorite Music

All kinds and too many to list.

Favorite TV Shows

Once again, all kinds and too many to list.

Favorite Movies

And again...

Favorite Heroes

My mother, who is a breast cancer survivor two times!! :)
I love her every single minute of every single day....


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