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A Chance For Women To Share With Other Women. Men Are Welcome To Come Learn, Share, & Participate As Well, We Can...

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A place where Atheists, Agnostics and other doubters of religion and myth come to discuss separation from all forms o...

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A SodaHead Encyclopaedia of General Knowledge and Opinions. Whether you're looking to learn, teach or discuss, th...

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For all Europeans and people who like Europe

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*** This group is ENTIRELY Satirical. I am a Christian myself, and I believe that Jesus had a great sense of humor in...

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For all of those Soda-Heads that are sick and tired of seeing political and religious name calling and bickering clut...

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Because we like new features and those other guys don't know what's good for them.

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If You're Proud To Be Australian, then join this group!

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A Group For Discussing Gender Equality... Not Right, Not Left But Center Where Most Of Us Reside Outside The Fringe.

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This is the Official Phallus Appreciation Group. It is not gender-exclusive to any gender, for that would negate the ...

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  • Kitty 2014/11/26 03:11:15
    BTW - those bean filled sacks are also good for hot weather - you put them in the freezer and then they're nice and cold for around the necks, behind the backs or under their feet to cool them off. So the bean things can be used to cool or heat.
  • Kitty 2014/11/26 03:09:12
    I usually pick up stuff all year long and stash it away for Christmas gifts so it's not such a financial pain having to spend it all at once.
    Grandparents....hmmm........I think they always like warm slippers. Have they a doorbell? I'm giving a couple of wireless doorbells this year - how about scarves. Airwick room fresheners - just for a few suggestions. I don't know what your weather is like in Au. Seniors always have something sore and achy so even a bean filled collar that they can nuke for a couple of minutes to heat and put around their neck or behind their backs is nice.
  • Kitty 2014/11/20 05:41:02
    I'm doing okay La, thanks. Glad you're okay, was wondering what happened cuz you were a real regular on here.
    Sometimes those online games can be addictive that's for sure.
    Have you started getting ready for Christmas?
    I think I've almost got my shopping done, so now to start with the wrapping. :)
  • Kitty 2014/11/18 13:09:59
    Hope all is okay with you La.....haven't seen you in here for a long time. Miss you :)
    you re missed gif
  • Incognito 2013/10/04 16:22:09
  • Pagan Hellfire 2013/10/04 09:00:34
    Pagan Hellfire
    Indeed we do.
  • Uh...yea.... ♥♥♥♥ 2013/09/12 03:10:03
    Uh...yea.... ♥♥♥♥
    Thank you for your intelligent response to my question.
  • Krishna~ 2013/08/28 13:47:02
    A song for you friend
  • wolf_bunny 2013/03/13 17:16:39
  • Sid♥ 2013/02/22 03:43:13
  • Sid♥ 2013/02/21 16:44:32
  • Sid♥ 2013/02/14 08:02:26
  • wolf_bunny 2013/01/19 00:09:55
    Thank you for the add! :) yellow rose
  • RoyalSea 2012/12/16 08:10:33
    Happy Holidays! :)
    happy holidas blue gif
  • Noobcake 2012/08/31 01:31:59
  • Noobcake 2012/08/30 13:28:20
    Omg! That is quite COOL. Wow ... my jealousy might be sliding into resentment. Haha Just kidding. (OR AM I? O.O) Seriously, though. Wow. I challenge you to take a picture of a solitary spoon atop Uluru and upload it! No one in it; just the spoon and the dirt. :P
  • Noobcake 2012/08/30 00:31:19
    D: Me jelly.
    So it was your 21st birthday, huh? I sense some quality presents will be coming your way. ;) No stop shall be unpulled in attaining for you the finest gifts from all the land!!!

    And it's nice of your relatives to come all that way; Adelaide isn't exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away even from the border of Victoria!
  • Noobcake 2012/08/28 04:04:33
    Thanks for adding me! :) Hope you had an awesome birthday. ;)
    adding hope awesome birthday
  • justagudguy~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/08 05:02:00
  • Bett17 2012/04/09 02:22:13
    Awww what breed and what's her name??? (I freakin love puppies)

    And toilet training isn't too bad, pups usually get it pretty fast. And it's so simple once you know what to do. :P
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