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I have to lay it down... I will try to get out of this pain. So I cry. That's the way to release the pain
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This is where we can wish each other a Happy Birthday. and give sodahead Birthday parties. Who dosn't like a litt...

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Metal, goth and more, every Tuesday from 2 am - 6 am, eastern (North American) time, on CKCU-FM the Mighty 93.1... an...

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For people who are open minded and passionate music.

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The Only Page With Teeth!

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We're missing a lot. We could be in here, suggesting music to each other and powering out. Here's one most pe...

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for the ones who are bored and are looking for an idea to change it :)

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for slipknot fans only

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Music is awesome, here we shall honour it with awesome!

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i love family guy. are you a lover to. join

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ok have u ever felt like u never fit in' (my life story) well come here and no one will be rejected or feel lef...

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likes & interests


Music - My Chemical Romance, HIM, The Used, Madina Lake, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, The 69 Eyes, Entwine, Meriwether, Armor for Sleep and more....


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