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This is a no Palin zone. No Tea Partiers or Conservatives Allowed

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For people who are fans of the Song and Ice and Fire novel series or the Game of Thrones TV series.

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What's happening in the White House and behind the scenes.

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This is for people that want to freely express themselves about News, politics, etc happening in the world today and ...

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The main SodaHead group for all fans of Star Trek. Where you can discuss anything you wish pertaining to the series, ...

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Love to watch movies or tv shows? Want to recommend your favorites or warn others against wasting their time? Learn a...

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This is a group for Progressives and Liberals to share, and discuss issues that interest us.

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Star Wars fans

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A place where SodaHeads from all over the world can share their unique experiences, cultural differences and local hi...

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...do you know who i mean? ALL the groups are made by.. he or she. -.- like...stop!

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likes & interests

I'd like to meet

I always wanted to meet Wilma Mankiller


Going on field trips to collect rocks and minerals and fossils.


Rock, mineral, fossil collecting.
Maintaining my planted freshwater aquarium.
Keeping the koi in the pond healthy and happy.
I like to garden but sometimes my garden doesn't like me.
Really enjoy hanging out with my grandbabies because seeing the world through a child's eyes makes me feel young again.

Favorite TV Shows

True Blood
Was a big Lost fan
Days of Our Lives for over 35 yrs. (my Grandmother got me started watching and it makes me think of her)
Walking Dead
Ninja Warrior
Family Guy

Favorite Movies

Star Wars ( the first three not the lame last three)
All the old black and white horror movies
Gone With the Wind
Princess Bride

Favorite Books

Anne Rice Vampire novels
Gone With the Wind
The Trees

Favorite Quotes

"I'm all for gun control. If there's a gun in the room I want to be in control of it." Clint Eastwood.

Favorite Heroes

Wilma Mankiller


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