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U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 (202) 224-3121 US Senate Washington, D.C. 20510 at (202) 224-...

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Making our Military fight for their lives when they should be home. Abusing our Veterans

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It Sucks!!! Be you a White Person, a Black Person, or any other Race. It Sucks the Big One. I wish we could all live ...

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We the people of the United States of America protecting our Constitution, written by our Fore-Fathers. We will stand...

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Anyone here that believes in supporting our troops. I hope thats everybody here. Our troops are really important to o...

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This group is for anyone that has a sister, brother, uncle, parent, grandparent, or loved one in any branch of the mi...

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America and it's People and the history behind it!!! Government and Military.

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This group is for members 18+ or people who consent to view mature topics. Anything but politics, religion, and '...

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Love to watch movies or tv shows? Want to recommend your favorites or warn others against wasting their time? Learn a...

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SodaHead members who have been here for 2+ years.

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likes & interests

About Me

It's a new year .. it's a new life .. and I'm feelin' good ..


I'd like to meet

Positive people ....

Laugh often .. laugh loud ... laugh 'til your innards hurt and your heart is happy ...
woman laugh gifs
Go on now ... get happy ... it feels sooooooo good ...
woman laugh gifs
Kindness is free ... pay it forward? Go ahead ... it'll make you feel great ... and lift someone's spirits ..
i m glad we re friends
chicken soup laughter
karma keep your circle positive
Give life a big ole smile .. enjoy it ... do the happy dance every chance you get .. work it girl .. work it!
happy dance gif


Reading; writing poetry; theater; cooking; chatting with friends; playing with my lil teacup Chihuahua Memphis; weekend trips to the mountains(or anywhere), exploring quaint places; exercise (walking, bicycle riding); dancing (ballroom and free style); have friends in for dinner, cards and/or board games; exploring/sight-seeing new places; people watcher, air shows; museums; walking on the beach; in the process of writing a book about ruthless, alcoholic, abusive parents .... from the eyes of their children, after they re-unite in their adult lives .. 8th chapter now complete


My son; grandchildren; our little teacup chihuahua Memphis; reading a good book (anything John Grisham); political banter with intelligent, informed people (including liberals if you are respectful); the future of our country; the safety of our military; candlelight dinner; love; people with a kind heart and a sense of humor; poetry; air shows; museums; movies; theater; walking the beach/at lake at sunset; theater; cooking; comedy clubs; antique car shows; friends; animals (small dogs/cats); laughter, lots and lots of laughter; gardening; dancing; playing cards; yard sales; cookouts; sight-seeing; car races; anything re: law enforcement (books, movies, cold cases); concerts; county fairs; weekend trips; non drinker except for white wine and an occasional beer; learning new things ...
Politics - (Owner of American Values Again Group ("AVA") within SH site) ..
beer learning politics owner american values group ava sh site

Favorite Music

Anything from jazz to gospel ... except for rap and hard rock ... a few favorites ..



Favorite TV Shows

Shark Tank .. Cash Cab .. The Voice .. Monday Morning .. All Star Celebrity Apprentice .. Nip/Tuck .. Dancing With The Stars .. American Idol .. Prison Break .. Nancy Grace .. Law and Order .. Cable News .. Call the Midweife .. Steve Wilkos Show .. Antiques Road Show .. House .. Hoarders .. Chicago Fire .. Criminal Minds .. X Factor .. Scandal .. Smallville .. America's Got Talent .. Fox News .. O'Reilly .. Lizard Lick Towing (toooo funny) .. BlueBloods .. Downton Abby .. Mr. Selfridge .. Lark Rise to Candleford; The Five; The Bletchley Circle

Favorite Movies

Love is a Many Splendid Thing ... Dr. Shivago ... The Color Purple ... Casblanca

Favorite Books

Currently reading: At Risk by Stella Rimington

Favorite Quotes

- Jewish/Midrash teaching: "Whoever is kind to the cruel, will end up being cruel to the kind"
- "Your wealth is where your friends are"... Plautus
- "What doesn't kill us will make us stronger"... Friedrich Nietzsche
- "A fish gets caught every time it opens its mouth"
- "Never wrestle with a pig because you get dirty .. and what's more .. the pig likes it" Ralph Bernard Shaw
- "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire

Favorite Heroes

My son... and all military, past and present ... thank you for your service ...

"A veteran - whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve - is someone who at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount of 'up to and including my life.' That is honor. There are far too many people in this country who don't understand it." Author Unknown."


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