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MeRrY cHrIsTmAs EvErYoNe!! XoXo
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For people that are emo, punk, gothic, unique, or just awesome!!! (and I'm not trying to label people)

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This is base on the classical series, The Thing. It all starts in 1982 of an unknown alien an imitate human beings a...

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Life sometimes can be rough,sad,hurt all kind of horrible things but their always going be someone that will help y...

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The "Final Hope Movement" is a group that is dedicated to help put an end to bullying. After the death of Rac...

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What would you do in your fav scary movie, you can try and survive a killer or be the killer of any scary movie

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A group for those sodaheads who loves sodahead.com and can't get enough. Please no bashing other members thanks. ...

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Simply if you have a dream. When nothing can stop you. When the fashion it is your world. Join me!

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Primarily a FUN, forum,which I will use for shameless self-promotion of my obsessions etc,and indulge my friends like...

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Have fun!

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talk about events superstars old and new.

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likes & interests

About Me

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Karizma is the name! Love me or hate me i dont care!! :)
Im a verry happy person :) expecally when im with mt friendz there the funniest :))
i love mii life and wouldnt swap with no one no matter how many problems i have!! :)
&& Lil'AngleGrrl is tha best :) been best friendz for 10 years and still going :)
I may be a big tomboy but don't get me wrong I love dressing up and goin out!!

I'd like to meet

Adam Brand
The Sunny Cowgirls
Toby Keith
Katy Perry
All The Home&&Away; Characters!!
All The Meclodes Daughters characters!! :)
i've already meet Scotty Prince && Preston Campbell (he is my bestie)! :D


Chillin With My Friends
Listining To Muzic
Chassing Piggs
Riding My Moto Bike
&& More!!


ummm for starters i like guys :)
Well im a bit of a tomboy i love...
Moto Bike Riding
Muking Round In The Mud And Just Bein Me!!

Favorite Music

&& annything good :P

Favorite TV Shows

Home&&Away; For Sure!!!

Favorite Movies

Country Strong
Fast And Furious 1,2,3,4,5 && 6 when it comes out!!
Step Brothers!!
Battle Ship

Favorite Books

Tomorrow When The War Began!!

Favorite Quotes

Dont judge a book by its cover :) goes for people as well!
Be who u want to be and not wat everyone else wants u to be <3

Favorite Heroes

My Pop <3


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