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Lets have discussions about atheism, science and contradictions of religion. Any feelings that you might be atheist ...

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a place to call home for all that love horror , as well as love any forms of rock music, it is for you to post and us...

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This group is for the discussion of Libertarian ideals. Got something to say? We welcome all points of view here. Fur...

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u can share your favorite songs..any types ..any languages..

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A Group for Pagans, Wiccans , Asatru (Norse paganism), Celtics, Druidism, Shamanism, Native American and ancient Egy...

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I know there are people out there, yes im talkin to you, who love to write or have random story ideas in your head. H...

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We are a group revolting against the Democrat and Republican parties. We are attempting to abolish these two parties,...

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A place for lovers of philosophy to gather and question or discuss basic fundamentals of life.

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FOr all them people who just wanna hang around and talk about rock music!

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Join if you are a fan of Green Day

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likes & interests

I'd like to meet

Robert De Niro
Bob Dylan


Cycling, Metaphysics Music, Movies, Politics, Science, Writing, Religion, Daydreaming, Astrology, Philosophy, Chess, Etc...

Favorite Music

Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Green Day, NoMeansNo, Guns N Roses, Staind, Creed, The Verve, Arch Enemy, All Shall Perish, Behemoth, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and many many more.

Favorite TV Shows

Only watch movies

Favorite Movies

Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, American Beauty, Good Will Hunting, Magnolia, Black Swan, Les Miserables, There Will Be Blood, Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Psycho, Rear Window, The Breakfast Club, The Deer Hunter, Scarface, Requiem For a Dream, Shutter Island, Inglorious Basters, The Jacket, The Great Dictator, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Little Miss Sunshine, Modern Times, This Boys Life, Everybody's Fine, The Departed, Inception, Mysterious Skin, Fight Club, Milk, Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Darko, Memento, Heat, Naked, Spirited Away,The Butterfly Effect, Mr. Nobody, Back to the Future, Casino, Full Metal Jacket, Lincoln, Lost Highway, No Country For Old Men, and The Matrix.

Favorite Books

Wuthering Heights
Brave New World
The Green Mile

Favorite Heroes

My cycling mate


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