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Join if you're a fan of the best YouTuber of all time Shane Dawson.

join Public Entertainment 154 2011/08/24 19:41:05

A group dedicated to the awesome Bruno Mars.

join Public Entertainment 137 2011/08/12 01:08:43

For all MCR, BVB etc etc etc lovers join now! xxx

join Public Fun 84 2011/07/20 18:14:18

Anyone who wants to stop cyber-bullying

join Public Living 432 2011/07/11 03:58:36

For you girls/guys that love ANDY SIXX :) come and be a part of my group :) Andrew Dennis Biersack AKA Andy Sixx :)

join Public Fun 124 2011/07/10 18:58:53

Just for the sheer hell of laughter!!!

join Public Fun 221 2011/07/09 23:00:58

this is a place were yu can rolyplay for vampires and werewolfs yu can do anme or not its ur choice

join Public Fun 121 2011/07/02 22:54:39

we share poems and write new ones together

join Public Living 162 2011/07/01 15:55:02

This is a group for every single emo out there. This is to show our Emo Pride :3 Also, to discuss the bands we like,...

join Public Fun 125 2011/06/30 12:47:29

A Place Where We Meaning Fans Of Adam Levine Can Talk About How Sexy He Is =P

join Public Fun 101 2011/06/30 02:10:08

likes & interests

About Me

I'm Obsessed with Jared Leto..Do you not see my profile pic???
I LOVE music...I don't think I could live without music...or Jared Leto
I listen to lots of different music....I'm here to make friends..If you find me or Jared Leto interesting...friend me
I hate Corn
I LOVE to try new things!
I LOVE pulling pranks and most of the time dont get mad when a prank gets pulled on me
I LOVE Jared Leto
I am Puerto Rican and I am proud of that!!

I'm awesome...wana find out more???..friend me

I'd like to meet

Jared Leto, Bruno Mars,Katy Perry,Lady Gaga, Eminem,Ke$ha......And Jared Leto


I love to listen to music, I like to cook, I love making playlist, looking at pictures of Jared Leto, karate, and painting.


Jared Leto
and.......JARED LETO!!!!

Favorite Music

I can't pick...I legit have hundreds of fave artists....one of them is..Jared Leto

Favorite TV Shows

Wipeout,Victorious, Degrassi IN TOO DEEP

Favorite Movies

2012, Christine ( car that is possesed by the devil), Ghost, and anything with Whoppi Goldberg

Favorite Books

James and the giant Peach, Diary of a Wimpy kid, and the Hunger Games

Favorite Quotes

"You have nothing to fear but fear itself"

"Expect the unexpected!"

Favorite Heroes

I'm my own hero


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