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Hello all! I am back..
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likes & interests

About Me

I am a beautiful woman in her prime. I like listening to music, mostly Gospel, but I also like a varity of music. Such as, R&B;, Jazz, and Comteparary. I like reading the bible and writing poetry. I have 1 child, a daughter. She is the love of my life. I am excited to be back and is ready to meet new friends..

I'd like to meet

I like to meet new people who will change my life for the better. Some one that will help me to become a better person.


Listening to music, reading, writing, spreading possitivity through-out the earth.


I am interested in meeting new friends. Learning the more important things in life. I like writing and listening to music, I believe that music can change the mood you are in if you listen to something that will change the mood you are in for the better.

Favorite Music


Favorite TV Shows

CSI, House of Pane, The Browns, Covert Affairs, The Today Show, L. A. NCSI, Flashpoint, Family Fued, and Wheel of Fortune.

Favorite Movies

Why did I get married, Mamdea goes to jail, Jarrisac Park, Predator, there are so many I can't name right now.

Favorite Books

The bible, Captivated, Wild at Heart, and so many more.

Favorite Quotes

You betta recognize! What-t! Oh heck no!

Favorite Heroes

Jesus! My father, My mother, and my daughter..


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  • blissful 2013/04/14 17:29:45
    I hope life gives you all that you wish for! Have a blessed day... god bless you
  • Krishna~ 2013/04/14 09:56:52
    I am very good blissful :) thanks you for message and you have a nice day and you family :))
  • Krishna~ 2013/04/11 08:45:36
    O.. hello blissful friend :)) how are you? it is monsoon and raining where you live? or summer and very sultry and hot? or winter is falling snow and chilly? you take care your friend krishna thank you
  • Krishna~ 2013/03/16 18:03:45
    Hello friend thanks you much for message i am 20year and sorry forlate reply i don't like internet my eye ache if i long look at mobile screen do not have computerone my friend have some day i go there an see full page of soda head i use in my mobile its very small soda head i avoid chatting with people here because my english is very bad here are very educated people internation american i feel like fool so use some time thanks you for respond
  • Lovatic135 2013/03/06 20:09:25
    If we're friends we don't really have to talk, I mean unless you wanted to. Xoxo Lovatic135 demi lovato modeling
  • Kezzi Rose In Jesus I trust<3 2013/02/28 20:59:26
    Kezzi Rose In Jesus I trust<3
    That's OK well have a lovely evening :)
  • blissful 2013/01/26 17:36:24
    Yeah you got a point there...
  • Mike 2013/01/26 12:24:13
    they'd probably just put down false ages then ! lol
  • Mike 2013/01/26 05:54:30
    Yes, that could become an issue, since there are many underaged kids on SH! lol
  • Mike 2013/01/25 11:19:50
    57. Why: did you think I was underage.

    Don't take the profile info. so seriously! lol
  • Kyle 2013/01/05 16:00:59
  • sukhwinder sandy 2012/10/10 09:58:14
  • Lunacat 2012/07/16 14:33:54
  • Mic-E 2012/07/06 03:46:00
    LOL!!!!!! What creepin? Who? Where? When? How?? LOL!!!!
  • ☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2012/06/28 18:21:52
    OH LOL!!! I am 31
  • Kiara 2012/05/11 01:38:01
  • Rocko 2012/04/26 22:00:01
  • blissful 2011/06/04 19:32:04
    It is not by Sight, but by Faith that I believe. I think that the evidence is the Universe. It didn't just create its-self. For me, it is too perfect to just form from nothing. It had to take a Brilliant Mind to Create it..
  • Aunty Alez 2011/06/04 07:20:32
    Aunty Alez
    Not meaning to be rude f offensive but how can you believe in something that has absoulutely no proof. I mean there is no proof of jesus, god etc.
    Sorry if this offended you I just dont understand how and why people believe in stuff that has no evidence to its truth....
  • blissful 2010/12/21 07:33:00
    Aah! Thank some much for the Holiday Cheer.. :) You have a wonderful holiday season as well..
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