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all Gods are just a bunch of Pookas
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About Me

I am GOD and if you don't believe in me in the next few days bad things will happen to you and your loved ones.

I'd like to meet

Bill Clinton,Barrack Obama,Tom Hanks


Like most of you I like Movies,Music,Books and T.V.

Favorite Music

I like all types of music from Dean Martin to George Jones to Marilyn Manson

Favorite TV Shows

Right now I am hooked on smallville.I bought a HD T.V. a couple months back and got the HD channels. and on HDNET they show Smallville and I started watching it and now I'm trying to get all of the seasons on DVD

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are 12 angry men,anything with Tom Hanks and anything with John Wayne in it

Favorite Books

Right now its Under The Dome by Stephen King

Favorite Quotes

Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives." - John Stuart Mill

Lighthouses are more helpful than churches." - Benjamin Franklin

Favorite Heroes

My Dad & Mom


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