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A group for all of our admirers and friends who aren't in the group proper, to come and chill out and absorb some...

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A group for all of our admirers and friends who aren't in the group proper, to come and chill out and absorb some...

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A group for all of our admirers and friends who aren't in the group proper, to come and chill out and absorb some...

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For all the meat lovers :D

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Hard rock and metal from everywhere. \m/!! Talk about any metal bands, all genres..., and about new albums, videos, a...

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Group is intended for people that like entertainment. Everyone is welcome :)

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Weirdos In Transit, a new kind of mental asylum. There are nutters within. They are taking over our dentists. They ar...

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This group is for everyone who loves the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the amazing author who wrote both The Hobbit and Th...

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We beleve everyone hides in some sort of closet Be it an LGBT discriminated for his different sexual orientation, so...

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SodaHead members who have been here for 2+ years.

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About Me

I will either get on really well with you or not. Generally though, I tend to get on really well with people until they give me reason to act otherwise. Please be aware though, that I have no time for mollycoddling idiots and douchebags (and fuck knows there are a lot of those on this site). Don't like it? You know where the door (or in this case, the block button) is.

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Photography, Reading, Computer Building, Ska, Punk Rock, Reggae etc

photography reading building ska punk rock reggae

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Favorite Quotes

Have you heard the tune "I'm a little tea pot short and stout, heres my handle... oh bugger, I'm a sugar bowl" -- Stephen Fry

My brother did PPE at university.
Politics, Philosophy and Economics?
Yes, although he dropped the philosophy and politics. Apparently he only took E at university -- Milton Jones

Well, Mexico certainly has a fine tradition of harboring revolutionaries. Trotsky lived here you know.
Yes, when I arrived I was visited by the Trots. They stayed for about a week, and still make the occasional surprise visit -- Milton Jones

If you still want to speak to an operator, press the star key and one, if you want to hear about our opening times, press the hash key and three and if you want to hear about 70's cop programs, press star key and hash. If you want to re record your message, press one, if you want a gentle hobby, press flowers. -- Milton Jones

But these days, you see, there are more and more suicide bombers.
Well... more and more and less and less -- Milton Jones

"There are four pillars which support the world...the wisdom of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave." - Gurney Halleck

My dad was a Boxer
Well mine was an Irish Setter -- Stephen Fry

In laymans terms, speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out. - Portal

The quiet kindness of gentlemen is often overshadowed by the loud boasting of oppertunistic womanizers - Runcible Spoon

Politics is NOT life; it is not the reason for living, and it doesn't mean shit when it comes down to each individual's humanity and ability to be HUMANE. - Melz

Favorite Heroes

--My fan mail--

It isn't just liberal filth that would block him., It's anyone that refuses to tolerate assholes. - J

We're clearly on different sides of the whole LGBT rights issue... despite the fact that I thought you were supportive. I guess I was wrong. You probably only support Lesbians and Bisexual Women. Typical for a hetero male (breeder). Goodbye. - ZF13


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