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The Human race is irritating.
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Lets have discussions about atheism, science and contradictions of religion. Any feelings that you might be atheist ...

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Are you a fan of the Vampire Diaries? Here you can post your favorite Vampire Diaries clips, photos, whatever. Discus...

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A place where Atheists, Agnostics and other doubters of religion and myth come to discuss separation from all forms o...

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For those who are members of a Commonwealth nation, former member of the British Empire,love the Queen and monarchy o...

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Here is a group where people(both guys/girls obviously) can get together and talk about dragons. :D

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For all us Brits to come and complain about each other, and the rest of our world.

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The SodaHead Neutral Zone is a place where people can put aside their differences and have pleasant conversations, di...

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likes & interests

About Me

I, am me.
Want to know more? http://willsalt.wordpress.com/

I'd like to meet

Open minded people, willing to partake in an intellectual debate.
(or in real life...
-David Cameron
-Stephen Fry
-Queen Elizabeth the 2nd
-Little Ian Lorimer)


Star Trek Online.
(technically) Warhammer 40K (I don't really buy much...)
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Revised Edition.
Miscellaneous video gaming.


Not a lot, mostly games and science.
Games, strategy games and RPGs, specifically DnD 3.5 revised edition and Oblivion. More Skyrim now, this page hasn't been updated for a while...
Science, nuclear fusion, Pathogens, toxins, poisons, explosive, very burn-ey things, (e.g. thermite, the similar thing made of copper.) (Aww, I was so infantile, how irritating!)

Favorite Music

Weird Al, Queen, Iron maiden, Voltaire, more...
ABBA, Turisas, The Scaffold, Half Man Half Biscuit...

Favorite TV Shows

many... too many...

Favorite Movies

Hmm... too many to write here easily/quickly...

Favorite Books

The Lord of the Rings, and all other Tolkien works, the Mass Effect Series, Twilight, Demonata, Animorphs... etc.
Generally any book that's good.

Favorite Quotes

"Now, the gate has been unlatched, headstones pushed aside, corpses shift and offer room; a fate you must abide!" - Gravemind
'Because I can' - Richard
'I. Like. To. Kill. Things.' - Richard
'And I use the word 'laughable' quite wrongly' - steven Fry
'I'd end it all, if only there was a tie rack around here' - David Mitchell.
'I'm easily adopted' - Luke Chambers.

Along with others i cant recall.
(and pretty much anything else from the Gravemind. and hundreds by Toby Turner.)

Favorite Heroes

Fictitious, or real, once you clarify that point I shall return, and answer appropriately.


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