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Share your pics and stories about dogs.

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This group is intended for fans. If you are not a fan, then this is not for you. But everyone is welcome!

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Group for Hillary supporters only, that support her election and want her to win. If you're not, then this isn...

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Anyone can join. Everyone is welcome, just be civil!

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This is for Barack Obama supporters only. If you're not, then this isn't for you. By joining you're signi...

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This is a group for Progressives and Liberals to share, and discuss issues that interest us.

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I love Dogs

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The name says it all, this is a public group for all Sodaheadians who identify themselves as Liberal or Progressives....

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A forum for music lovers to express their love of all forms of music and to share their favorites.

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For people that support his re-election and want him to win. Everyone is welcome. Let's keep the discussion civil.

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likes & interests

About Me

Life is what you make it****

I'd like to meet

Reasonable human beings with out prejudices. And there are a lot of them out there. .


Red Cross volunteer. Great-grandma babysitter at times. The great grand-children are increasing but my time and patience is decreasing. New one arriving the end of this month June 1213. Welcome Charlotte in advance.


Changing my interests. When I find some I will post them

Favorite Music

The Band, Bruce Springsteen, Tommy Dorsey, All the old great country singers and early Rock geniuses who are leaving us everyday. Plus any genre that has a good singer, good music and good people.

Favorite TV Shows

Reality and talk shows. Good movies when they come to the small screen.

Favorite Movies

Almost anything from the forties when color really became common. Sixties movies especially about Korea ,WW2 and Vietnam. British movies from the same era.

Favorite Books

Non-fiction, Biographies especially historical presidents and the U.S.

Favorite Quotes

Robert Burns quote "A Man's a Man for A" that"

Favorite Heroes

FDR American G.I's,Lawrence Harry Hawkins,my children and grand-children. All people especially Americans who take in the Worlds" problem and nurture them . And the people who come to the USA and contribute in spirit as well as trying to make this country stay strong always.


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