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A topic that addresses, the problems America faces with the on going flow of Illegals in America, and how to fix it.

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We collect and document the tactics of the left used to their own discredit: The left defined herein: the modern day ...

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blow off steam about Sodahead changes

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For people who dont like that sodahead made our sodahead friends our followers

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This group is for all lover of Ford.

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This is a group for Libertarians, Independents and anyone else from any political party that is concerned with the di...

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Open honest discussions on effects illegals have on America's health care,jobs,schools,tax payers,social services...

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This is a group dedicated to the cause of finding the Center Ground or Centrist point of view. It's purpose is to...

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WE are here to discuss and debate current events in the political world internationally as well as what is effecting ...

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likes & interests

About Me

I may not agree with what you say, but I believe in your right to say it and will defend your rights until I'm dead.

I'd like to meet

Mark Levin


Pissing off all the people who believe in global warming,liberals, and islamic supremacists here on SodaHead.


History. Local railroad history and model railroading.

Favorite Music

Blue Man Group, Alan Parsons, ZZ Top, Charlie Daniels, Bad Transfer. Video Game Music.

Favorite TV Shows

Deadliest Catch

Favorite Movies

Star Wars

Favorite Books

Stealth Jihad, The truth about Mohammad, The politically incorrect guilds to: Islam and the crusades, and the P.I.G to global warming and the enviroment.

Favorite Quotes

" I reject your reality and substitute one of my own" Adam Savage, Mythbusters

Favorite Heroes

Ronald Reagan


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