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Men create gods after their own image
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OUR motto : Screw the republicans and democrats vote for the people who will help legalize pot

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Group for Hillary supporters only, that support her election and want her to win. If you're not, then this isn...

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What's happening in the White House and behind the scenes.

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Anyone can join. Everyone is welcome, just be civil!

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Behind Closed Doors in the White House!!! America and the People, vs. The White House and Politics.

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No Mitt Romney supporters allowed.

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This is for people that want to freely express themselves about News, politics, etc happening in the world today and ...

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This is for Barack Obama supporters only. If you're not, then this isn't for you. By joining you're signi...

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This is a group for Progressives and Liberals to share, and discuss issues that interest us.

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A newsgroup for Progresives and Liberals to exchange ideas

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likes & interests

About Me

I am nuts ask any of my friends they will tell you

I'd like to meet

President Obama again


hiking swimming fishing camping biking


The environment because with out it we would`t be here

Favorite Music

indie, techno, electronica ,dance, johnny cash "don`t diss the man in balck!!!"

Favorite TV Shows

Will and grace, Life on the d list, queer eye for the straight guy, fraser, this week, bewitched

Favorite Movies

Chicago, American pop ,xanadu, funny girl, judge dredd

Favorite Books

all of Steven king except the green mile

Favorite Quotes

I have been to the top of the mountain and have seen over it.I might not make it there with you.

Favorite Heroes

MLK jr, JFK, Lincoln. And ever one who helps just one person


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