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hey, my name is lillian but i sometimes get called pookie and huggaluffagus by my friends. they chose huggaluffagus cause i like to hug animals and people alike. not in a perverted way hug, but a fun loving hug, lol. I have a very indevidual personality, I am a cutsie kinda girl who loves pretty thing and people. but on the other hand i love rock and roll, scary movies, and trying to learn to play my own music. I want to learn an instrument but don't have the time yet. its hard to make time for fun and work. I like babies, they are all so cute. no matter what baby, they are all adorable to me. same with animals, i love all animals, yes, including snakes. : I have only one real fear, the fear of drowning. I had a dream i drowned when i was about 6 and woke up and felt like i could not catch my breath, so ever since then i have been a little afraid of drowning in deep water. but its not like a phobia, i can still go in water, just not when alone in the deep end. :-} I am an advocate for animal rights and support animals cause they can't support and defend themselvs, i consider myself a protectior for the unprotected. I like to go out to eat and if i try something really good in a restaurant i like to try and make it at home too so when i grow up and move out on my own one day i can make my boyfriend or husband some good food, all home cooked. I am constantly trying to perfect my cooking skills. I plan on going to school to do makeup. I like to try and look nice and makeup helps. i don't care what some of you may say about how women look better without, you and i both know it does indeed help. lol. but i have really 3 main goals in my life. i want to have my own family, have my own restaurant, and my own beauty parlor. remember when i said i like rock bands and scary moves, that applies for my games too. lol. cause i love ames like resident evil, call of duty, and other fighting zombies games. I have os many friends who are always talking about the near happening zombie appocalypse and say practice shooting them in games. lol. plus they are fun so i like to play them type of games for a multitude of reasons. Well i have a habit of babbling, like i have been inthis about me section. lol. if anyone has any questions about me or for me do not hesitate to ask. i will answer all messages, just not perverted ones.


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