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hi.. im ........just me there is no other way to put it. im not different than most people........ok not most people...im like most people who would pass on a day on the beach just to stay home and read a great novel :D
im really active though although im a bookworm in making...i really like music i love Avril lavigne , Linkin park, Taylor swift , one direction, Joan Jett , Eminem , Jessie j, and the list go on and on . NOT a big Justin Beiber fan in fact i hate his music. another thing i hate is color PINK yah cant stand it
anyway i dont want to make thins long but if you really want to know me massage me DONT judge ....:D

I'd like to meet

Jane Austen
Jk Rowling
Suzanne Collins
king arther the 8...dont know why i guess he had a busy life if you know what i mean
Courtney <3


books, movies, expressing myself

Favorite Music

avril lavigne
taylor swift
one direction >>>not so sure as the two before

Favorite Movies

harry potter , the hunger games , pride and prejudice

Favorite Books

the hunger games , a tale of two cities, harry potter , emma , pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility,Northanger abbey , the faults in our stars . the Marry adventures of Robin hood

Favorite Heroes

my dad


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