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Heuristic focus in ecofriendly, inexpensive solutions for your body/mind complex, home, locale, community or Nation.
Just finished with the theoretical evaluations and Sovereign Sustainability is doable and achievable in less than 18 months. It is called ZEZE /Zero Emisions Zero Entropy).
Now working on how to get rid of plastic and hard to recycle material. Give me a week.
Took more than 1 week but now we can turn anything plastic into either Sugar, Glycerol or Alcohol.
While we are at it, why not get rid of fosil fuel? You have thousands of volts of static electricity in front of your nose, around you. Lets entice a metal cloth hanger and rigged up to juice up a car battery. You do have a hanger and can get a used car battery?. Lets go!
Now lets take the so called "democracy" and make this Cuatrienial Carnaval called Elections into "Real Democracy" where everybody eat 3 squares a day, own a home with running water and can say whatever !"·$%&/()=?¿Ç they want without problems. Give me 4 years.

I'd like to meet

Like minded persons working towards the same goals.
If someone can help, please jump in.


Always working on above goals; they keep on changing for bigger ones.


Alternative everything. Health and community sovereign living. Promote and achieve total independence from anybody or institution; no Boss, no Government checks, No Banks, no Credit.
Simple implementation of ZEZE will not only give you biological independence from anybody (system or person), but will also give you a new body in 7 years.

Favorite Music

Hymn of Joy Beethoven.
Imagine John Lennon

Favorite TV Shows

Those that stretch the limits of confined mentalities.

Favorite Movies

Space Odyssey 2001. Stanley Kubric.
Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubric
Full Metal Jacket Stanley Kubric

Favorite Books

All I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten

Favorite Quotes

There is only one Truth, and every human has it.

Favorite Heroes

JFK the only man that have save the world from Nuclear Annihilation.
He should be in Mount Rushmore, not in a tomb with a 5 cents candle light..


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