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I'm a Lets Player who does games from the NES Era to today, though I lack a PS3, and no I'm not about to get a PS3. I'm also an Iraq War veteran and former California National Guard soldier.
If you came here to check up on me because of a comment, remember that I'm a snarky bastard when I see bigotry and sexism, so enjoy watching me pull someone's chain and see if something jingles.

However, if I am WRONG about something factual, bring it to my attention, show me verifiable citations! I'd rather be proven wrong a hundred times in a day than be wrong and not know it.

I'd like to meet



Breathing, Lets Playing, Recording stuff...


Lets Playing, Video Games, Books, Military, fun times

Favorite Music

Anything but too much Country or Rap. Death metal gives me raging headaches so I can't listen to it at all. Too much country or rap causes me to become nauseous, I dunno why.

Favorite TV Shows

I don't really watch TV, but when I do, it's Mythbusters.

Favorite Movies

Thor, Harry Potter, New Trek, The Expendables... if it's a good movie I'll watch it.

Favorite Books

Halo: Cryptum. Hands down, awesome book.

Favorite Heroes

Thor, Freya, people who do the right thing even at the cost of self.

Check that: Christopher Lee, one of the world's most badass people. Ever.


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