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I am doing the best that I can. I am trying to find my niche.. which MAY include studying Massage Therapy if I find a legitimate school. I enjoy that new age type of environment.. and I am not into working piddly jobs for pennies an hour.
school enjoy age type environment working piddly jobs pennies

I'd like to meet

I just like to meet good people with an interesting story to tell.
meet people interesting story


I am just working on making a life for myself and my cat..


Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi my cat "baby".. only the BEST cat in the world..
yoga zumba tai chi cat baby cat world

Favorite Music

who knows.. it always changes..

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Favorite TV Shows

Favorite Movies

Comedies such as with my man Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell.. but I am young at heart and enjoy Nick and Noras Infinite Playlist.. so kids is so silly..
young heart enjoy nick noras infinite playlist kids silly

Favorite Books

Hard to say.. I have strange and varying tastes when it comes to what I'll read.. I am not religious but I read a bit of this book that claimed it was the lost books of the Bible.. but it was odd.. I don't know if I can put much belief into anything regarding the Bible INCLUDING the King James version.. too many secular hands being in charge of putting their egotistical twists on these stories.. Yeah I am thinking on you Shakespeare.. you rascal!!
hands charge egotistical twists stories yeah thinking shakespeare rascal

Favorite Quotes

This is where I pretend to be deep right? Nah.. I don't play that game..
pretend deep nah play game

Favorite Heroes

My mom rocks..
mom rocks


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