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Just weird Im like wind. I like something unique, special and cool.

I'd like to meet

People that inspire me, love me with their heart.


Blogging, Reading, Singing, Watching movie, Listening musics, Exercising (These is what I always do)


Everything in the universe

Favorite Music

I love music so much!!! It's like drug, I have to listen music every day. I only can tell you that I love every type of music but sometimes I don't enjoy loud music. I feel like it will break my eardrum! However, I would love to listen loud music in car to somewhere interesting like beach!

Favorite TV Shows

Nikita, Ángel o demonio, Fringe, True Blood, Girls, Supernatural, Pretty Litter Liars, Gossip Girls, New Girl, The Secret Circle, etc.

Favorite Movies

I love movies so much! Can't really tell which is/are my favorite movie(s) as there is a lots!! But I can tell you that I love horror, thriller, scary, action, comedy, romance love story (not really like but will watch), sci-fi, animation, some movies that are non-mainstream.

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading and mostly, I read books that can inspire me and encourage me, make me think positive. Also some ghost stories, books that mention the relationship between people,etc. NO politics and economies (liars)

Favorite Quotes

Don't judge me if you don't know me.

Favorite Heroes

My dad


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