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I am the most fun-crazy girl you will ever met. Im not considered GOTH but I perfer black, red, and silver over any other color, I have my own style. I wear what I want and what fits my mood. I love to meet new people and make new friends. I wish to travel to England, Italy, Brazil, and a few states in the US, and Austarlia when I graduate from college. I want to get married by the age of 19 or 20 to my true love. I am bisexual. I love my friends because they know how to make me smile and laugh when Im down and depressed. I love life at times and when I get my car next year or when I get my liscense Im going to travel to Pennslyvania and New York and then Los Angeles for college.

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I hate my family because they screwed me over....and im starting to hate my mother. She doesnt understand me yet she says shes the ONLY person on this earth that understands me the most.......she hates it when i talk about goth stuff and blackness. My father was and never will be in my life......
Im not usually the crying/tearing type unless I get REALLY pissed off or upset and the things I keep inside come boiling up to the surface.
i am an actress and a writer and am looking to get one of my books published very soon.
Enjoy my profile while you can.....

type pissed boiling surface actress writer books published enjoy profile
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I'd like to meet

My true love (if he exsits).... New people/friends....


I love talking to my friends. They are what gives me hope to live the next day. My friends are goofy and we always have a great time together.
Pissing off my mom so she'll leave me alone...................

Favorite Music

heavy rock/ some metal. The Pretty Reckless, Mudvayne, 32 Leaves, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Barenaked Ladies,Jesse Mccartney, Aly and Aj, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Criss Angel, Christina Aguleria, Three Days Grace, Hinder, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, DHT, Evanescene, Ashley Parker Angel (let you go), Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson, Daft Punk, Jimmy Eat World, Slipknot, many other bands that once i think of their names i will post them as soon as i can.

Favorite Quotes

It's the ones that hurt us who make us stronger, but then is it the ones who loves us that makes us weaker?
''Distance between two hearts in not an obstical, rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be'' THATS SUCH A FUCKING LIE!!!!

Favorite Heroes

Heros only disappoint us in the end.


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