ZIMMERMAN LIED? Trayvon DID NOT confront Zimmerman?

Thank u, Nerdette Geekette 2013/07/16 00:51:44
The phone calls and phone timelines of both Trayvon and Zimmerman prove that? Comment as you wish
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  • Cornelius Boss 2013/07/26 16:14:59
  • Cornelius Boss 2013/07/26 16:13:48
  • steve.r1 2013/07/20 03:19:27
    Don't let a few FACTS mess up a good lie.
    The FACTS indicate, as shown in court, that Martin did in FACT confront Zimmerman.

    It's over move on!
  • Thank u... steve.r1 2013/07/20 05:26:52
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Thanks steve.r1. The court gave circumstantial evidence. Not cold hard facts. Who was the aggressor and who came up to whom was not witnessed by an impartial party. We are all guessing. But dont think GZ was out to kill
  • Thank u... steve.r1 2013/07/25 20:29:04
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    What facts? From time Zim told police OK he wouldnt follow T to time first neighbor 911 call it was about 5 minutes. It was less than a min after fight started that police calls came in. That means Zim had about 4 minutes to walk back to his car. Why didnt he? Seems like he never gave up lookin for Tray
  • mblack 2013/07/19 16:13:52
    I think the government has all our phone conversations why not listen in to trayvon's talk with ms jinteal.
  • Thank u... mblack 2013/07/19 16:57:54
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I think Rachel is a credible witness and I believe her story. And I think Tray said get off get off to GZ cuz Zim tried to grab him to detain him. And that means GZ started it
  • V~POTL~... Thank u... 2013/07/25 19:51:41
    If GZ grabbed TM, that would be enough in my mind to be considered assault and starting the fight. And the "Get off" comment would be consistent with that scenario. Problem is, nobody could match any person to a voice on the phone -- not beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Consider the screams. Several witnesses said it was TM, others said GZ. 100% of the witnesses said it was the person they knew, although half are obviously wrong. This proves one of three things: (1) A surprising number of people are willing to lie under oath, (2) People hear what they want to hear, or (3) Sound quality of the phone call was insufficient to match the voice to a person. I would place all of the audio testimony in category 2 and 3.

    The circumstantial evidence (such as Mr. Good's testimony) favors GZ. Even if Rachel thought she was telling the truth, she's not any more accurate than the others who tried to identify voices from the phone call.

    Even if the "Get off" comment is the voice of the original victim, the identity of that person is STILL a 50/50 guess -- as demonstrated by the contradictory audio testimony of numerous people. Not only is that insufficient grounds for conviction, it's barely worth speculation.
  • wale63 2013/07/19 02:31:58
    Forensic evidence shows Martin DID confront Zimmerman
  • Thank u... wale63 2013/07/19 02:48:23
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Thanks. How so?
  • wale63 Thank u... 2013/07/19 03:08:55
    the injuries
    The story Zimmerman tells lines up with the wtinesses AND the injuries sustained
  • Thank u... wale63 2013/07/19 04:32:47
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Im not disputin the verdict. Dont think he had intent to kill. But the injuries dont tell if he brought out gun first or if he attempted a failed first blow. No one witnessed initial fight
  • wale63 Thank u... 2013/07/19 15:02:04
    That is true and we can only piece together a narrative based on Zimmerman's account and the physical evidence, which on the face of it backs up zimmerman's account, again on the face of it.
  • Thank u... wale63 2013/07/19 16:16:07
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    True. Thanks wale 63. Like ur avatar~ cool!
  • Anthony 2013/07/17 22:14:45
    DOJ wants your tips on Trayvon civil rights. the FBI already investigated and said Zimmerman was not racially motivated. Holder and our Government are treading on George Zimmermans civil rights by going after him when a jury found him not guilty.

    I, for one am going to send my spam to the tip email. The DOJ is asking that all tips be sent to Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov. i say lets bog down the server and protect Zimmerman's rights.
  • Professor Wizard 2013/07/16 19:20:49
    Professor Wizard
    Wrong... the evidence in fact, backs zimmermans story...

    Did you not watch the trial live, like the rest of us?
  • Thank u... Profess... 2013/07/16 22:35:26
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    No. I just read about it. I looked at the timelines and events of the phone calls also. It didnt add up to me.
  • Profess... Thank u... 2013/07/17 13:34:37
    Professor Wizard
    You need more research - - or you should have watched the actual trial and release of evidence... The media is going to try very hard to omit anything in Zimmermans favor - in order to slant their cause.

    It is a good thing Jury's do not get their evidence from the Media.
  • Thank u... Profess... 2013/07/17 14:10:22
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Thanks. Good point. Also none of us know who was the aggressor in the fight. We all guessed based on circumstantial evidence. As did the jury
  • Profess... Thank u... 2013/07/17 14:21:11
    Professor Wizard
    That is how our system works... you go with what evidence there is.. sometimes there is a video of the act that happened a high noon, and 10 people standing there who have perfect memory.

    and sometimes - - there is only the word of the survivor.

    So... We go with what we have.

    Unless you listen to the mob mentality - - and just figure because the dead one was a teen and black - - and therefor, it MUST be the Hispanics fault, because he is not a black teen. (This is why the media ignores the black on black killings in Chicago).

    After-all :: if you enter race... Hispanics are more violent then blacks - - just look at the California prison system. Those Hispanics are mafia crazy MF's. So Zimmerman had to be a crazy Mexican wanting to kill himself a black.

    (Yes - I do not believe what I just typed - - I'm just making a point on how stupid going with Mob Mentality is. - - unfortunately - there really are people who feel exactly that way!)
  • Thank u... Profess... 2013/07/17 15:01:36 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    How is this for mob mentality?~

    When a young black male hides in a bush fm his follower and doesnt run home cuz his follower is about its not cuz hes scared its cuz he is hiding in bush lying in wait to kill

    If he asks follower why are u following me then it must mean he ran up to follower and wasnt afraid. Surely it doesnt mean follower caught up to him

    If he pummels a guy its surely not cuz the guy pulled the gun on him first

    Mob mentality. A lota people think that way
  • Thank u... Profess... 2013/07/17 15:30:34
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    2nd msg: if he doesnt call 911 cuz he knows white cops dont take black young males seriously or cuz hes in a new nybrhood and doesnt know street names then its cuz he wasnt really scared. And on and on. Mob mentality.
  • JackSchitt 2013/07/16 05:14:53 (edited)
  • Thank u... JackSchitt 2013/07/16 06:05:48
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Thank u for that Jack. I appreciate it. I will write more later but for starters u have to compare it to Trayvons call and timeline to his female friend. More later
  • JackSchitt Thank u... 2013/07/16 14:28:12
    When you look at that testimony from his friend Rachel Jeantel....notice how she says that Trayvon spoke FIRST. "Why you following me for?" To me that doesn't sound like someone scared....it sounds like someone who is annoyed / pissed off. But that's just my take on it.
  • Thank u... JackSchitt 2013/07/16 23:30:42
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Could be. But Ive been followed and when they came up to me I asked why thy were following me. I was scared outa my gourd. But if they come up to u what else u gonna say? Plus its highly unlikely for someone to run up to someone and ask why u followin me
  • JackSchitt Thank u... 2013/07/17 12:05:43
    When it happened to me, I turned around and said "Hey, I don't want any trouble" ....the guy came back with "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" I just cracked up laughing. Here I thought I was gonna get mugged or something, and the guy was just some harmless evangelical, handing out religious pamphlets.
  • Cal 2013/07/16 02:37:18
  • Thank u... Cal 2013/07/16 06:08:17
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Yah. Thats what they said about people who didnt agree with the OJ verdict too
  • Cal Thank u... 2013/07/16 19:39:20
    Guess we failed to learn from history then. Your fabrications still don't matter in the long or short run though.
  • Thank u... Cal 2013/07/16 23:40:27
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Not fabrications. Theories. Its what the jury did too. They filled in the gaps and guessed
  • Cal Thank u... 2013/07/16 23:45:52 (edited)
    You call them whatever you like however the meaning does not change: fake. The fact is the court was given facts and evidences, neither you or I we're privy to, and came to a decision based on those facts and evidences. To say that Zimmerman was not innocent at this stage of the game is as desperate as it is pathetic. However I will give you leeway and assume you do not understand how the judicial system works in America.
  • Thank u... Cal 2013/07/16 23:53:03
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    The jury was not given info that wasnt made public.

    And u call it facts. But no one really knows for sure who came up to whom first. Or who got threatening first. U dont know. No one does. Its a speculative guess
  • Cal Thank u... 2013/07/16 23:55:05
    Well. I'd debate further. However there's like there's like a million of you people who can't accept reality or the legal system. You came too late to the game to interest me even slightly. Go on believing whatever you feel like.
  • Thank u... Cal 2013/07/17 01:00:33
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Ok fine. But truth is that none of us really knows who aggressor really was. We all just guess based on circumstantial evidence. Not proof. Didnt like verdict in OJ case either
  • JackSprat 2013/07/16 01:12:04
  • Thank u... JackSprat 2013/07/16 01:45:15
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    911 call shows Zim ran after T. He admits it. He said hed stop. But a few seconds later he caught up to Martin and yes M asked y are u following me. Zim came up to M first. Cuz Zim claimd to operator a few seconds or so before that T was running AWAY not towards
  • JackSprat Thank u... 2013/07/16 01:51:59
  • Thank u... JackSprat 2013/07/16 02:13:53
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Zim called police. Tray called his girlfriend. Zim told operator that Tray was running away. Operator asked if he was followimg Tray and Zim said yes
  • JackSprat Thank u... 2013/07/16 02:21:16

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