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L.A. Times 2012/12/18 16:00:00
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House Speaker John A. Boehner has launched "Plan B" in budget talks, announcing Tuesday that he will bring for a vote his proposal to extend expiring tax breaks for all but the wealthiest Americans who earn more than $1 million a year.

The Ohio Republican's decision, shared behind closed doors during a morning meeting of rank-and-file lawmakers, is an abrupt shift after he and Obama substantially narrowed their differences in the latest round of talks.

The prospects in Congress for Boehner's proposal are unclear. The Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, has passed a bill that would extend the tax breaks for household income less than $250,000. That's the proposal that Obama had campaigned on, although he suggested raising that threshold to $400,000 in recent talks with Boehner.

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  • Tedster 2012/12/31 08:55:13
    Thumbs down
    Yeah, it was so popular that Boehner's own caucus gave it the finger. So bad that he wouldn't even bring it up for a vote. He's gonna need about 5 towels to wipe the egg off of his face after this debacle. For once I agree with Tea Baggers, Plan B wasn't worth a vote.
  • burningsnowman 2012/12/23 19:57:59 (edited)
    Thumbs down
    This is an obvious con. Even the LESSER OF 2 EVIL/Team Blue tools on TYT got this. Wake up people.
  • Alacrity 2012/12/22 02:09:03
    Thumbs down
    I believe that Speaker John Boehner was making a tactical diversion to allow fellow Republicans to escape the Norquist pledge not to raise taxes. He is doing this also to carry the debate past the deadline and to "go over the cliff" so that he could be re-elected as Speaker. It's only a ploy. He likes Obama and they are both honorable men.
  • joe.noonan2 2012/12/21 18:19:06
    Thumbs down
    Eat a dick, boehner.
  • Michael McFascist 2012/12/21 17:14:37
    Thumbs down
    Michael McFascist
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/12/21 13:27:34 (edited)
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/21 13:06:48
    Thumbs up
    Im interested in "plan 9" plan  9
  • Shenli 2012/12/21 04:55:11
    Thumbs down
    Racist? Shameful!!!
  • AK 2012/12/21 03:22:24
    Thumbs down
    I want to say "at least it's something" but it's such a small something and will probably not be passed, anyway.
  • ktorch 2012/12/21 03:16:47
    Thumbs down
    So these Republicant's want to take the skin off the wounded solders and the seniors and help out the pitiful billionaires? RIGHT? To hell with that idea!
  • Jd ktorch 2012/12/21 18:18:08
  • rt 2012/12/20 23:57:36
    Thumbs down
    The fix they are proposing (plan B) will drop the deduction per child to !000 from 2500. Another assault on the middle class to save tax breaks for the rich.
  • ronbo51 2012/12/20 23:50:34
    Thumbs up
    at least they are attempting a fix. and not trying to cram it down our throats like obama and cronies.
  • Gallowa... ronbo51 2012/12/21 00:55:40
    Galloway Grumblefield
    John Cassidy on John Boehner's "Plan B": "Soak the poor and reward the rich. Sounds to me like the same old GOP 'Plan A.'"
  • ronbo51 Gallowa... 2012/12/22 01:13:46
    yep both plans dopnt work. i just dont get them anymore. what planet did they come from. ??? Uranus???
  • Mountainman 2012/12/20 23:11:38
    Thumbs up
    Thumbs up, but the President isn't go to accept it...it's the only way he can get everyone including the middle class to pay more taxes!
  • Flowers 2012/12/20 20:28:44
    Thumbs up
    is he seriously crying in that photo?? *sigh*

  • PapaBC 2012/12/20 18:05:06
    Thumbs down
    These plans do not fix what is broken. Problem is, Americans were not really interested in fixing the problems. Just putting all loosers back in office.
  • Adakin ... PapaBC 2012/12/20 21:17:07 (edited)
    Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA
    Exactly Papa, while Boehner has his Plan "B"...

    Obama is giving us his plans "F" and "U"...
  • Galloway Grumblefield 2012/12/20 17:04:09
    Thumbs down
    Galloway Grumblefield
    Plan B is just Boner stalling because his party has no good ideas. The Republican platform? Welfare for the rich, f**k everyone else.
  • alphe512 2012/12/20 17:02:44
    Thumbs down
    What is it that repubs don't understand? If they deal they might get something if they don't well they not only lose the millionaire 2% tax cut they hold so dear but they also get large cuts in defense! They lose all around just to hurt the lower classes. Losers will continue to lose and their name is republican.
  • ALofRI 2012/12/20 16:58:08 (edited)
    Thumbs down
    Hmmm, seems to be coming out about the same as we learned in the last election. HEY FOX SHEEPLE.....WE won! We have NOT changed our minds!

    Anyone ever notice that conservative views nearly ALWAYS register between 27 and 33%? Too bad THAT doesn't register WITH the 27-33%! Maybe we'd get somewhere. Maybe they're confused about the 60% they get in congress? There IS a BIG difference between THAT 60%, and WE the PEOPLE!

    (edit) spelling...I hate when I do that! (makes me look like a conservative!)
  • Tarheel ALofRI 2012/12/21 02:34:47
  • Jd ALofRI 2012/12/21 18:20:50
  • ALofRI Jd 2012/12/31 18:55:35
  • AM 2012/12/20 16:23:50
  • Rod 2012/12/20 13:36:35
    Thumbs down
    I am hoping that NO agreement is reached. There is no such thing as a fiscal cliff happening. That's political propaganda.
  • Rocki 2012/12/20 09:55:32
    Thumbs up
    The cutoff should be $2 Million dollars to protect most small businesses but Obama is dead set on killing jobs for $80 Billion in revenue. At this point kicking the can down the road is the only option if we do not want our National Security endangered or 2 millio jobs lost.
  • moknowsky 2012/12/20 08:37:20
    Thumbs down
    0bama should personally sign Boehner The weeper's kneepads! He is 0buttbongo's butt boy.
  • Wulfdane 2012/12/20 07:53:21 (edited)
    Thumbs down
    It is time for Republicans to push for a new Speaker of the House, this fool is going to give Obama everything he wants on silver platter.

    Nothing is going to change, we will end up with another budget that will rack up our deficit and push us ever closer to a financial disaster.
  • M 2012/12/20 07:30:28
    Thumbs down
  • Gallowa... M 2012/12/20 17:05:52
    Galloway Grumblefield
    Republicans sodomize the middle class.
  • star Gallowa... 2012/12/20 22:57:29
    We've been hoodwinked by both parties. Demo blames Rep and Rep blames Demo's. Put them in a sack and they will come out the same way together. Politicians are all crooks, We just have to pick one or the other and watch them do their stuff.
  • srini 2012/12/20 05:18:32
    Thumbs down
    Boner's "plan B" is worse version of "plan A" which was to cave-in.
  • kitkat42 2012/12/20 05:00:10
    Thumbs down
    He can't be serious!
  • Doc Holiday 2012/12/20 04:23:45
    Thumbs down
    Doc Holiday
    Boehner you are really starting to piss people off.
  • SezMichael 2012/12/20 04:21:18
    Thumbs down
    eventually Boehner will fold and go with the $250k because he knows the pubs will be blamed if there's no deal to avoid the fiscal clift. The GOP is in a no win situation and Obama has nothing to lose. What can you people do? just hate him like you already do anyway?
  • Nuke 2012/12/20 04:19:43
    Thumbs down
    This just goes to show that Dem's don't want to work with Republicans, even with democrat plans...
    Secondly Bohner needs to stop this crap and start growing a spine, they aren't doing what they need to do, no one is doing their job so throw the bums out.
    Why aren't we cutting stupid pet projects? Millions of dollars spent on a life like Robo-Squirrel?! Studying the mating habits of shrimp? Let's get our house in order first...
    Oh and how about stop sending Millions of Dollars to people who hate us, they can hate us for free...
    So sick of these incompetent morons running Washington, they don't have a clue what a spending cut is; The Governments Idea of a spending cut is saying they were going to buy a fleet of Lamborghini's but decided not to... "See, we saved you guys money!"
    Can we stop the Madness please?! From both sides... Damn!
  • Gallowa... Nuke 2012/12/20 17:07:41
    Galloway Grumblefield
    The Dems want to work with reasonable people. Since the Republican Congress seems to be in short supply of those, it's no wonder we can't work with Repubs.
  • Nuke Gallowa... 2012/12/20 23:49:26
    You're one of the funniest morons I've met, thanks for the laugh.
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