Your tax dollars, mum & me

cutter's falls 2012/07/06 12:09:25
Hi sis!
don't hi sis me cutter, ohh boy what I do now ?
mum is gonna kill you this time
and this time she means it.

listen people, whether you live in Alaska or Maine
right, left or indifferent
The federal goverment gave monies to the state of michigan
(cometo michigan for vacation, leave on probation)
and the state itself kicked in cash to, to help spread to word about drunk driving
and this time they came up with talking urinal cakes.
bars & restrarunts imployed them.
take a whizz and hear
Well believe you me, mum can get $1.50 out of a dolla.
she is ruthless at rummage sales.
well I got a hold of one, un-wizzed on an inserted it into a coathanger contraption
now ole eagle eye (blind in one eye) the other one works more then fine, trust me on that.
after I placed it in her commode I got the hell outta there, fast
well to keep the TMI to a minuim, mum is not consipated no more.
when she heard the cake talk it scared the crap right outta her.
not so didn't really from when I slipped that copper belly snake in her blouse when I was like 10/12 years of age and she was sleeping.
I figure those were tax dollars well spent :)
she a die hard Democrat
of course I gotta mess with her.
growing up in a home where you are told what to eat,who you hang around with
no tv, where you been,get the hell outside
unless it's Noah's flood act II or it's snowing so bad the door is frozen shut. shower everyday, bla bla bla
I seen no democracy as a kid.
I am surprized I don't have a fetish for female underwear
the gurls they got to use real toliet paper in the house bathroom
us boys,
we got the outhouse an sears/ mongomery wards catologs

Cuttter? yea sis
you be damn lucky if you get coal candy this Christmas

you sound like mum sis, you know that
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  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/07/09 13:05:03
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    geeesh....i believe that would scare the crap out of anybody!
    me parents were Democrat back when it was kewl....JFK
    but they started to put 2+2 and seen where waste can in
    the government Demo in power taxes up.....
    we were not rich...
    growing up we never knew we were poor
    we have food, home, clothes and folks that cared
    did not have tv much but had imagination
    sounds like you had a wonderful childhood cutter ;)
  • Firefly 2012/07/07 02:59:55

    Talking urinal cakes...

    What WILL they think of next !?!

    Doh ! Maybe I shouldn't ask that question ;p
  • Sista Nunya 2012/07/06 23:06:26 (edited)
  • cutter'... Sista N... 2012/07/19 23:28:11
  • Sista N... cutter'... 2012/07/19 23:29:40
  • Dwight 2012/07/06 12:21:04
    I remember well the days of staying out doors untill well after dark, coming in only to eat or bath before bed.

    My dad hates snakes.

    I've seen him dance in tall grass when he even thought he saw one, and clean a ditch with his pickup trying to run over one. My brother put a rubber green snake in dads sock drawer once and dad ran into the den and threw it into the fire place. My mom and I were startled at first, then we smelled the burning rubber and knew what had happened.
  • cutter'... Dwight 2012/07/06 12:25:33
  • Dwight cutter'... 2012/07/06 12:31:57
    Where we live now, there is no good place for my kids to get dirty like i did. my friends and I would stay in the woods all day, dam up the creek if it were hot and swim around all day. We trapped rabbit and fox to supplement our home, and sold furs for pocket money as teens.

    Mine are just now old enough that I feel safe letting them walk to the school play grounds with their friends.
  • cutter'... Dwight 2012/07/06 12:39:24
  • Dwight cutter'... 2012/07/06 12:45:44
    Cool, my grandma was Catawba.

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