Your Children's Perspective of American History and the Founding Documents of America Is YOUR Responsibility!

Andrew 2012/06/28 08:47:09

I would like to address a topic that has been on my heart for a long time and I think it is long overdue that someone did. The topic is the education of your children and YOUR responsibility to guide it. I think that Americans, conservatives in particular have relinquished their responsibility of overseeing the education of their children to schools, both public and private. It is not enough to see to it that your children attend school for thirteen years and make the grade. We must give careful attention to exactly what our children are being taught. To grasp the importance of what I am saying we must force ourselves to think about this nations early humble beginnings. In fact, we must go back even further to the time when there was no such thing as a school.

If you can, think in your mind of the time before there was such a thing as government. A time when individuals were basically self reliant and nothing was perceived as being our "rights". Who was responsible to put food on the table? Remember, there was no grocery stores, food banks, large farms or small ones for that matter. Plain and simple, it was the responsibility of each individual to gather plants and edible fruits and to hunt for meat in order to survive. If one failed in this endeavor, he went hungry and if he failed too often, he starved to death. Therefore, most of ones time was spent taking care of this great responsibility. If one chose to marry and produce children, he or she accepted an even greater burden as others now became their responsibility. There was no help available if failure occured and so most everyone took this responsibility very personally realizing it wouldn't get done if they didn't do it.

Today, we have the convenience of large food producing farms, grocery stores, restaurants and food banks and this frees us up to pursue other less essential endeavors and occupations. However, the responsibility of every individual hasn't change at all. The more dependent and the less productive we are may not cause starvation, but it certainly burdens others and places us closer to the edge of starvation. A sudden catastrophy could send an unproductive society into chaos and ruin. This is what we are seeing happen in Europe and to a smaller, but still significant degree here in the united States of America. Too many unproductive free loaders are sapping the productive class dry and endangering the whole of society.

Let me stp here and set the record straight. I am not talking about people who are unproductive for legitimate reasons. I am speaking about those who could work and contribute but don't. I am speaking about those who could get a job, but live off of Welfare or unemployment even though able bodied and of a sound mind. Those who cannot work for physical reasons deserve our care and provision. It is those who for laziness and poor choices burden society unnecessarily and are ungrateful for what they are provided that are the problem.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I wandered down this path about life sustaining provision when the topic is education of our children. Well, here's the point!

Besides physical provisions, those who have been placed into our care are also in need of another provision, that of a sound and accurate education. Before their was such a thing as government or schools for that matter, parents were soley responsible for the education of their children. If you can imagine our pioneering ancestors who wandered into the unsettled wild west and sank down roots on the palins and in the furtile valleys you can understand that their were no places to send their children to be educated so parents had to do all the educating. True, many of the settlers had little formal education, but what was of value to them, they passed on to the children, dreaming of a better day when they could provide more. As settlements became more established, one room school;s were started and the offspring of these pioneers began to have concentrated education in basic skills such as reading and mathematics. These were not run by governments, but by groups of concerned parents who wanted better for their children.

Today, we have tremendous amounts of funds for educating our children in the best of facilities. But, due to inattention and reliance on others we barely know, our children are being taught things that are not only inaccurate, but contrary to our very core principles. Just like the lazy individuals who sap the wealth of the productive, we have become lazy in the education of our children and we are subsequently losing them to revisionist history and faulty philosophy! The time has come to actively and determinedly grasp the education of our children and teach them OUR values instead of the ones being forced upon them by people who don't share our values.

I would suggest a couple of things. First, if you can afford it in any way, withdraw your children from public education and either send them to a school that shares your values or determine to home school them. I did at great sacrifice on a middle class income and have ZERO regrets. Second, if you cannot afford this, begin to actively educate your children from birth in your values and your understanding of history. Maybe you need to educate yourself first, but we cannot afford to allow this government or anyone to educate our children without significant input from Mom and Dad. Even when my children were attending a private school, I spent much time educating them myself and sharing my values with them. Consequently, my children, now in their twenties hold very closely to my core beliefs.

Chidren are our most precious resource. For too long we have handed them off to public schools and they have finshed their thirteen years of education not understanding the values we hold dear, but believing in opposition to those values. If we hope to change thios country back to the ideals of our founders, we MUST take this next generation and feed them meat and potatos instead of the junk food being offered in most public schools. If you are concerned about what is served in the cafeteria, than THIS should be a much greater concern!
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