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Andrew 2011/10/11 19:27:46
I understand that John Kerry and Harry Reid have decided to co-sponsor the President's "American Jobs Act" in the Senate. From now on, we will refer to it as "Harry/Kerry"!
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  • MichaelJ 2011/10/11 20:13:32
    You are a patriot in a dark alley with a 357 with two bullets in it. You see three figures walking toward you. As they get closer you see that the three are President Obama, Jesse Jackson and Nancy Pelosi. What do you do? You shoot Nancy twice to be sure.
  • AMERICAN.FREEDOM 2011/10/11 19:59:43
    What's the dif between OWS protestors and a steamy bucket of dookie?...

    the bucket and a alpaka wool tassel cap. schving!
  • AMERICAN.FREEDOM 2011/10/11 19:35:24
    A communist, a black, and a muslim walk into a bar...the bartender asks....

    What can I get you Mr. President?
  • Andrew AMERICA... 2011/10/11 19:48:17
    That's what I'm talking about! I'll add that to my repitiore!

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